Together *Sequel to You and I*

**Sequel To You and I**
Katie, Harry and Darcy are now living in their own house. Darcy is Five. Zoe and Louis have a five year old boy named Joshua, and another baby on the way. All the boys left for tour, So it was just Darcy and Katie at home. Same with Zoe. While the boys are on tour, something Big happens. Read to find out.


21. Not Quite Right

I watched the time as Darcy got ready for bed. Harry

would be home in less than 24 hours. Darcy kissed my cheek.

    "Goodnight mommy." She said as she rubbed her eyes.

    "Goodnight sweetie." I said. About twenty minutes after Darcy went to bed, I started to get light headed. Next thing I know, the room started spinning. I felt nauseous. I stumbled my way to the bathroom and immediately threw up on the floor. My vision straitened out and I could see I had vomited blood. Then, I realized something wasn't right. I couldn't move. I felt something, like water, run down my leg. then everything began to hurt.

    "Darcy!" I screamed. She ran into the bathroom and looked horrified.

    "Mommy! You're bleeding!" She yelled. I started to feel weaker by the second.

    "Sweetie, go get my phone and call 911. Okay?" I said as I felt myself slip from consciousness. 

Then everything went black.

Everything was blurry, as if I was moving.

    "She is awake!" I heard a woman yell.

    "Katie, everything is going to be okay. Everything will be okay." Zoe said repeatably. I could tell she was crying. She held my hand tightly. I knew now, we were in a hospital.

    "Where is Harry?" I asked.

    "He is about three hours away. He is on his way." She said. I just nodded. I felt so out of it until we got into the room and then I felt every ounce of pain.

~Harry's POV~

"Can we fucking hurry!" Niall and Zayn screamed at the

driver. Liam was on the phone trying to get a hold of Delainey to tell her what was going on. Louis sat with me trying to calm me down.

   "Sir I am sorry I am going as fast as I can." The driver said.

   "My wife is in the fucking hospital giving labor to my babies while falling in and out of consciousness! I don't have any goddamn time! I made a promise!" I yelled. Louis put his hands on my shoulders. I saw the tears running down his cheeks as he looked at me.

   "Listen, we are almost there! Okay!?" He said. Less than ten minutes after that, we arrived at the hospital. I ran off the bus and into the hospital. Before I could get to the front desk, Louis ran in after me. I saw Zoe walk into the lobby. Tears streamed down her face. She saw Louis and shook her head 'no'. I felt my heart drop. Louis hugged Zoe.

   "What room?" I asked.

   "Harry, she is okay." Zoe cried.

   "What room?!" I yelled.

   "120." She sobbed. I didn't even hesitate to run back to see Katie.

I quietly walked into the room and saw Katie looking

down at her stomach.

   "I missed it." I said to myself.

   "Harry..." She said softly as I looked up. I saw the tears in her eyes. She was so pail.


   "There are only two babies..." She said quietly. And my heart dropped.



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