Together *Sequel to You and I*

**Sequel To You and I**
Katie, Harry and Darcy are now living in their own house. Darcy is Five. Zoe and Louis have a five year old boy named Joshua, and another baby on the way. All the boys left for tour, So it was just Darcy and Katie at home. Same with Zoe. While the boys are on tour, something Big happens. Read to find out.


1. Just Missing Him.

I sit on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water. I

heard the door slide open and then close again. Darcy is soon sitting next to me.

   "Mommy, you seem sad." Darcy said.

   "Oh, I'm not sad. I just miss daddy. That's all." I sigh. She holds my hand.

   "Its okay, I miss him too." She said. I heard a car door open and then close. I stand up and walk over to the driveway.

   "I have an appointment. Can you watch Joshua. I know its last minute but please." She asked. She was seven months pregnant.

   "Don't stress. Its not an issue." I say. Joshua quickly gets out of the car and runs up to Darcy and I. 

   "Thank you!" She says as she takes a bite of a brownie that she had brought with her.

   "No problem!" I holler back as she gets in the car.

Joshua and Darcy were already inside.

Later that night Joshua asked if he could call his mom

and stay the night. She agreed. Joshua sat on the couch next to Darcy, coloring.

  "My mommy says that I'm going to be a big brother." Joshua says.

  "Really? Mommy!" Darcy starts. I know what she is going to do.

  "Darcy, no." I say.

  "But I want to be a big brother!" She whines.

  "Sweetie, you would be a big sister, not a brother." I laugh.

  "Oh. Well I want to be a big sister!" She continues.

  "You know what, Its late. Time for bed." I say. Darcy and Joshua stand up.

  "Can we make a tent?" Joshua asks.

  "We sure can." I say and we all run to the bedrooms to gather sheets and blankets and pillows.

  "You know, before you were born, Your mommy and daddy, and Darcy's daddy and I, would make forts and we would watch movies together." I say. Joshua and Darcy give me a surprised look.

  "Wow!" They say at the same time.

  "Yep. I have an idea. Lets have a contest to see who falls asleep the fastest!" I suggest, knowing they would win and I would fall asleep in my room.

Half an hour later they were sound asleep. Soon enough I

was too.



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