Together *Sequel to You and I*

**Sequel To You and I**
Katie, Harry and Darcy are now living in their own house. Darcy is Five. Zoe and Louis have a five year old boy named Joshua, and another baby on the way. All the boys left for tour, So it was just Darcy and Katie at home. Same with Zoe. While the boys are on tour, something Big happens. Read to find out.


6. I should have stayed in bed.

"Daddy! Mommy! Wake up!" I heard Darcy yell as she ran

into the bedroom.

    "Darcy! What?" Harry groaned as he sat up.

    "Zoe and Louis are here with Joshua and Perspection!"

    "Sweetie, her name is Perfection." I correct her.

    "Whatever." She says running out of the room. Harry and I get up and walk into the living room.

    "Hi." I say as I sit next to Zoe. I look over and notice Louis had Perfection.

    "I see Louis is finally holding Perfection." Harry points out.

    "Yeah, I got to for little while at the hospital after you left." Louis said.

    "I'm sorry. You cant blame me! You did the same thing after Joshua was born. She is my girl. She's perfection." Zoe explained.

    "Literally." I mumbled. Louis smiled.

    "Daddy, I want to be a big sister." Darcy said. Harry almost spit his tea everywhere. I felt my cheeks burning as the room got silent. I looked at Zoe and she mouthed the words, 'Don't cry.' That didn't help. Harry and I hadn't talked about kids since Darcy turned four. Its been a year.

"Excuse me." I manage as I run into the kitchen. I pull

out a chair and start crying. I bury my face in my hands. I hear footsteps in the kitchen and then someone sitting in the chair next to me. 

    "Hey, calm down." Harry says softly. He puts his arm around me and pulls me closer.

    "Why are you crying?" He asks.

    "Harry, I don't know! I, I just don't know!" I cry.

    "Katie, do, do you want to have more kids?"

    "I don't know." I say calming down.

    "Katie." He says looking me in the eye.

    "I don't know. I thought about Darcy getting older and moving out, and then I saw Perfection and my heart dropped. I mean, she is so small and cute, and I guess I want that again. I want to be able to hold a baby in my arms and know, its mine." I said quickly.

    "I want another kid too." He smiled.

    "Really?" He smiles and nods. I hug him.

    "Really." He says. We stand up and walk into the living room. I sit next to Zoe again.

     "Was mommy crying?" Darcy asks. Harry shakes his head no.

     "Are you okay?" Zoe whispers.

     "Yeah." I sigh smiling.


A/N; Sorry the chapter was mostly talking :/


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