Love Is a Crazy Thing

It`s been years. I`d never think that I`d like him anything more than just a friend. He`s different though, in a good way. I`d never think he`d like me the same way. We`ve been friends for years and it confuses me on why he likes me of all girls. I`ve never seen him around me with any other girl, either that or I`m oblivious.


2. Secrets

"Hey guys, wassup?"A voice came from down the hall. I KNOW THAT GODDAMNED VOICE! 
"PENNY!"I yelled, getting up off of Luke and running to hug her, Penny is Ashton`s girlfriend, and awesome!
"KAYLA!"She yelled back, hugging a bit too tight. 
"Can`t. Breath"I huffed out, I heard a laugh and was able to breath again, as I walked back and sat on Luke again. Thank God Luke is my best friend and only that. Otherwise it might be weird.
"You two look like a couple"Calum said, "But he`s mine"
"I dunno what you are talking about Cal, he`s my best friend, derp"I stuck my tongue out at him, being slightly immature. But that`s not unusual for me. I`m an immature person! Yeah I know I`m 16 but who the hell cares.
"You do! Aw! You two`d be cute together, Kayla"Michael teased, poking my cheek, I swatted his hand away from my face.
"What in the hell? Guys she`s my mate, that`s all"Luke said, glaring at them, like he didn`t want them to say something.
"Calm down, mate. We aren`t saying you should get to get together just that you look cute together. Damn man."Ashton chuckled, no giggled, no I dunno! 
"Yeah, sure, whatever"I muttered, slipping off of Luke and going to the front yard, sitting on the steps, head in hands. Someone sat next to me.
"Hey, we were joking you know?"Michael asked.
"Is it just you?"I whispered.
"Yeah, why?"Michael furrowed his eyebrows.
"Cause I like someone, and I don`t want him to know. I can`t have him knowing if he doesn`t feel the same, Michael"I laid my head on his shoulder.

Luke`s POV

I watched them through the window, being as protective over Kayla as I am. 
"It`ll be okay, Kayla"Michael said, I turned around and went to the kitchen, acting as if I knew what I was doing, when I didn`t in reality. I was too caught up in what I heard. Who does Kayla like? Me? I hope so, yeah I like her don`t judge me. 
"Hey, Lukey!"Kayla called out, I lifted my head up and looked at Kayla. "Come here, I need to tell you something, just promise you won`t tell anyone, okay?"She bit her lip, I smiled weakly and nodded, following her.
"What did you need?"I asked, sitting next to her on my bed.
"I like..."She stopped

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