Love Is a Crazy Thing

It`s been years. I`d never think that I`d like him anything more than just a friend. He`s different though, in a good way. I`d never think he`d like me the same way. We`ve been friends for years and it confuses me on why he likes me of all girls. I`ve never seen him around me with any other girl, either that or I`m oblivious.


3. Lovey Dovey Kind Of People


"I like..."I stopped, "someone. And I dunno how to tell him."I started. It was true, this is my way of telling Luke I like him, well love him, more than what he thinks.
"Okay, just go out and say it."He said, "Let`s try something. I`ll pretend to be the guy you like and you tell me, okay?"He smiled slightly down at me, I nodded, taking a breath. 
"So I guess, you should know"I started, biting my lip. "God I`m terrible at this"I mutters, and laughed. 
"Just go with the flow, Kay"Luke smiled, "What was it you were saying?"
"I-I like you, more than a friend."I stammered.
"Good, cause I do too"He said,and laughed, "And scene!"Luke chuckled. 
"Luke"I said, pulling him back.
"What?"Luke said, obviously confused. 
"That was my way of telling you that. I like you, more than a friend"I said, Luke grinned, and kissed my cheek. "W-what was that for?"I asked, stuttering again. 
"Me saying that I feel the same way"Luke took my hand in his, lacing our fingers together as he pulled me up from my spot. 
"Carry me, or leave me"I giggled, next thing I knew I was over his shoulder, "I didn`t mean it literally! Lucas!"I laughed as he ran into the living room, and sat down, nesting me on top of him. "Fucking hate you sometimes"I muttered, and looked at everyone who was staring at us, smiling. "Michael Clifford! Did you say anything?"I glared at the smirking blonde boy. 
"Maybe, just be lucky we all already knew who it was"He said, I pounced on Michael, attacking him, and broke into fits of laughter at his scream. It was very feminine. Luke grabbed me by the waist and set me back in his lap, stroking my hair softly, playing with it. 
"I would have murders you but your scream, Mikey!"I continued to laugh, calming down partly. The door flew open, revealing a very sad Hailiee. My best friend. "Hey, are you okay?"I asked, getting up off of Luke and hugging her as she sobbed into my shoulder. 
"H-he-e, he b-bro-ok-ke u-up w-wi-ith m-m-me!"She stuttered. Her now Ex-boyfriend, Lance had broken up with her. It was a good thing and a bad thing. Good because one, Calum has always liked her, and two Lance was an ass hole! Bad because she really thought she loved him. "And her Jillian Thompson too"She giggled, a tiny bit, as I grimaced. I hated Jillian, my arch enemy. She`s 'in love' with Luke, who is now mine as well. 
"Come to CalCal, he`ll cheer you up with jokes!"
"Lame ones"Ashton added, holding Penny, who was about to fall asleep by the way she looked and Ashton rocked side to side. Still though, Hailiee came out of my grip and sniffled, making her way to Calum who hugged her tight, whispering jokes into her ear as she slowly came back to being happy. I hopped back on Luke`s lap as he kissed the back of my head. I smiled, and kissed his cheek. 
"I feel like a loner!"Michael fake cried, hugging his game system. 
"Do you want me to call Cameron?"I asked, Cammy is like my sister, but still never as close as Hailiee, but Cam liked Michael, and he liked her back, but refused to tell her! How weird right? Ha. 
"Will you please! I`m so alone!"He whined, I grabbed my phone, texting Cam. 

To: CamCammmmmmmmmmm The Great Wizzard of OZZZ!

Come over? Michael`s feeling alone... :/ plus I have news! About my love life lol!

From: CamCammmmmmmmmmm The Great Wizzard of OZZ!

On my way anyways. lol! Is everyone over? Penny included

To:CamCammmmmmmmmmm The Great Wizzard Of OZZZ!

Yeah, hurrrrrry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"HONEY I`M HOME!"Cameron`s voice, came through my ears as she sat next to Michael, who was pouting but as soon as he saw her, his face lit up like a Christmas tree.
"Weirdos"I muttered, smiling because they were my weirdos.
"I love you, babe"I jumped as Luke whispered that lowly in my ear, making sure only I would hear. 
"I love you too, Luke"I said, making sure he and only he had heard. "Let`s do something!"I pushed my hair out of my eyes, as Michael stared at Cammy.
"Movie, sleepover night?"Ashton suggested, eyes pleading with a yes. 
"Yeah, sure."I smiled, up for anything but a chickflick. Yeah I`m weird, I love horror films, oddly enough even though I nearly shit my pants every time!
"I`ll have to call first, my mum"Cammy said, typing away. When we say call we mean text and text means call, weird right?

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