Love Is a Crazy Thing

It`s been years. I`d never think that I`d like him anything more than just a friend. He`s different though, in a good way. I`d never think he`d like me the same way. We`ve been friends for years and it confuses me on why he likes me of all girls. I`ve never seen him around me with any other girl, either that or I`m oblivious.


1. Band Practice

"KAYLA!"Luke yelled. I groaned and went to see what he wanted, I was younger but felt older, cause Luke made me do everything.
"LUKE!"I mocked him, laughing. He glared at me, I put my hands up surrendering, still laughing. 
"Wanna go to band practice?"He asked, smiling, I hadn`t seen the other boys in a while, a while being a day. 
"Nah, I`m good"I smirked, leaning against the wall. Someone behind me poked my sides, causing me to scream and fall on the floor, on top of Luke. "God damn sons a bitches!"I cursed, rolling off of Luke and looking at the bleach blonde boy who was the culprit. The other boys were on the floor laughing. "Michael Gordon Clifford! I`m giving you three seconds to run." He looked at me like I wasn`t serious. "One"
"Shit" He ran. 
"Two. Three! MICHAEL CLIFFORD YOU ARE DEAD!"I ran after him, chasing him around the house, until he came to the end of the hall, I smirked, nearing him as he turned around looking at me with fear in his eyes. "Gah, I can`t hurt you, you idiot! Why`d you run! I wouldn`t have hurt you! Just jumped on your back or something!"I laughed, walking away and back into the lounge room, sitting on Ashton for no reason. 
"Ugh, I mean Hi!"Ashton chuckled, I glared at him, sitting on Luke who I had sat on before so he was used to my weight on his lap. "How do you hold her?"
"Meh, she does this all the time Ash"Luke shrugged his shoulders. I got off him, sitting on Michael`s lap, he groaned. 
"Oh come on! I weigh like 90 pounds boys!"I laughed, I weigh 103 pounds exactly. But I eat all the time, more than these boys. "Lukey! Is there still oreos left?"I asked, hopeful. 
"Yeah, in the kitchen babes"He laughed at me, I glared at him a bit, skipping into the kitchen to eat some oreos. I heard Ashton bang on his drum kit, and I covered my ears, Oreo in hand. 
"ASHTON! ASHTON!"Calum yelled. I went and took his drum sticks, well yanked them from him., running away to my oreos, hiding his drum sticks away. 
"Where are they, Kayla!"Ashton came in, a bit angerily, but it did`t phase me. I shrugged, dipping my oreo in the milk I had poured, I sighed taking them out of the freezer handing them to him, eating my oreos.

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