Unwanted feelings


1. what feelings?

What are feelings based on? What are feelings even good for? If you have a negative feeling, you loose confidence. If you have a great feeling, you think to much of yourself. Why isn't there a feeling where you have nor of those feelings? Are there some feelings you would like to have at all times? Yes, for sure. Are there feelings that you want never to get? Yes, ofcourse. You want both but you can't have them both, and you can neither choose nor one of them. You get what you get, and that's it.


Feelings for people. Are they any good either? If you have deep deep feelings for a person and he always lets you down, are your feeling then just going to disappear? No, feeling are feeling. You can't control them nor can your mother. Feelings are something that we are discableble of controlling. Some may act on their feelings and some don't. It's up to every single humanbeeing.


Feelings can be the start of something new. Feelings are being told, their told to the wrong persons, and they get played with. A humans feelings. Feelings that are inside you are getting playes with. It's like a bonfire burning inside you. On your way through life you're going to get played with. It's like someone throwing water at your bonfire. It may turn out, but I can also fight against the water and becom stronger and more wiser about the water throughing. 

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