The Scars that lie on my wrist

Rose wasn't always that happy person that everyone expected her to be. She was depressed and suicidal. No one really knew except a couple close friends. One day Rose runs into her idols and they notice her wrists. What will happen? Will she get better or worse? Will she fall in love or get heart broken? Read to find out.


2. New Kid chapter 2

Rose's P.O.V.

As the boy walked into class I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Once he walked in everyone shut up. Soon the girls started whispering and giggling. I found plain annoying. Like seriously what the actual fuck he's just a normal guy living his dream like really. The teacher introduced him to the class and had him sit next to me. Soon all the girls turned and looked at me. "Really. Mr.Summer's her she's a waste of space." "Ms.Jone's principles office now." She left but before she walked out the door she turned and gave me a look saying I'll kill you. I just looked down. Niall came and walked to the empty seat next to me and sat down. A couple minutes into the lesson he introduced himself. "Hi I'm Niall." I just started at him, he's talking to ME? I probably looked really weird. "Oh sorry I'm Rose and um I already know who you are." After that we said nothing. I just payed attention to the lesson Mr.Summers. The bell finally rang and I walked out to the senior parking lot and got into my F-150 and drove to Sunset High to pick up Meghan. As I pulled up she saw my truck said bye to her friends and hopped in. "Trevor was asking about you today." "Yea sure." "He likes you." "Your funny." "I'm being serious Rose." "No he doesn't why would he like me?" "Because your amazing." With that I didn't answer. "So there's this party tonight and Trevors going." "No why would I attend a party were barely anyone likes me?" "Because your my bestfriend." "No." "Whyy." she whined. "I won't go I won't not happening." "Plwease." "Ugh fuck fine." "Yay! I'll pick ya up later, wear something sexy." she winked hopped out of my car and walked into her house. "I can't believe I just said yes. Later that night I started getting ready I tried to look sexy but I'm pretty sure I failed. I wore a tight black and blue strapless dress. My hair was curled and my make up was done. as promised Meghan pulled up and I grabbed my phone of the night stand and headed out. "Wow you look great." "Thanks so do you as always." Her hair was done perfectly and the dress that was a shade of black it was low cut and very short. As we arrived I became more and more nervous. I was going to a party with a bunch of people who don't like me. When we walked in I found Maddie, Marcus, Trevor, and Jake. Of course Meghan had already wondered off. As I approached them Maddie ran up and hugged me. I just smiled and hugged her back. "Gurl you look fabulous."  

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