The Scars that lie on my wrist

Rose wasn't always that happy person that everyone expected her to be. She was depressed and suicidal. No one really knew except a couple close friends. One day Rose runs into her idols and they notice her wrists. What will happen? Will she get better or worse? Will she fall in love or get heart broken? Read to find out.


5. Molly chapter 5

Meghan's P.O.V.

As I walked into the club I went straight to the bar. I ordered sex on the beach. After the bartender got my drink I went to look for the drugs they hand out. I found some girl handing out molly. I took one and went to go have a good time. I found a cute boy and started grinding. He soon took me to a room by now I was drunk, high, and horny. I let him run his hands all over my body. He took of my shirt and I did the same. Soon clothes were flying everywhere. He started to penetrate me. I started moaning so loud. Soon we both reached our orgasms. He pulled out then grabbed his clothes, got dressed then left me there. I soon did the same and walked out again, I ordered the same drink. As I sat up at the bar this guy looked at me and approached me. "Hey babe, I'm Dylan." "I'm Meghan." "Wanna go have some fun." "Sure." I grabbed my drink and followed him. He took me into a different room and starts to strip me down. He then leaves the kisses from my lips all the way down my body. He spreads my legs and starts to kiss it. and he then sticks his tongue in. I let a slight moan escape my lips and he put it in more. Then he stops and rolls onto his back and takes off his pants and boxers and I see his little friend is up straight as a pole so I lick it and then put the tip in my mouth and start sucking and going up and down with his fingers running through my hair. He moans then cums into my mouth. As the good little girl I am I swallow and  smirk. We both get dressed and return back to the bar. 


Rose's P.O.V.

I try to call Meghan to tell her what happened, but she isn't answering. I start to debate if I should call Trevor. I decide not too I wouldn't want to bother him with my problems. He doesn't need to worry about me. I just don't understand why he even likes me I'm just a mess. I soon get a call from Meghan. "Hey can ya pick me up?" "Yah." I shake my head. I should've know that she would be their. As I get their I see her waiting outside. She see's my car and gets in and I drive her home. She thanks me and I go back and end up going to bed.

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