The Scars that lie on my wrist

Rose wasn't always that happy person that everyone expected her to be. She was depressed and suicidal. No one really knew except a couple close friends. One day Rose runs into her idols and they notice her wrists. What will happen? Will she get better or worse? Will she fall in love or get heart broken? Read to find out.


12. Feelings chapter 12

Meghan's P.O.V.

"Why do you care so much?" I questioned Luke. "Honestly I don't know. I guess its because I like you." "Bullshit you don't like me I'm just your rebound." "No the boys make me hook up with girls because they don't like the fact of us dating again." "I doubt that." "I'm being serious Meghan I like you okay I'm not lying." I just stared at him. I looked straight into his eyes. They were telling the truth. "Luke I like you too, but I don't know if we will work." "Can we at least try?" I had to think. "Yes. We can try." He picked me up and spun me around. I just laughed and kissed him. I couldn't be more happy I felt like I'm complete again. "You know how beautiful you are?" I just smiled and kissed him again.


Luke's P.O.V.

Yess she took me back. She believed me. I can finally call her mine again. Now that that's settled I need to go beat the shit out of Evan. "Hey babe I gotta go, but I will be back tonight okay?" "Okay." As I started my car I was thinking where to look for him first. I choose the bar. As I pulled up to the bar I got out and headed inside. I spotted Evan with 3 girls around him. "Well well well if it isn't little Luke." "Oh hi Evan I just wanted to say that me and Meghan are together." He looked beyond pissed. I just smirked.  He was about to throw a punch when I caught it. "Why are you even here, just to brag about your new girl?" "Hah no because I'm going to beat the shit out of you." "Luke luke luke I am much stronger than you." "Wanna bet?" "Yes sure and anyways what makes you think dating you is going to change her. You know all her issues. Drugs. Drinking. Sex. What makes you think she wont cheat on you with me if i tempt her enough."

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