Behind The Gel(Marcel FanFic)

Day after day Marcel was bullied. His reputation was strong set, the nerdy boy with the gelled hair. Although, he had a goal. And that was to prove all his bullies wrong. Alongside his best friend, Emma, he was going to show Holmes Chapel High School that there was more to him then just brains and hair gel. Those "popular" jerks were going to regret overlooking him because of his appearance on the outside. Marcel had a secret. A secret that would change his life, and reputation, forever.


7. Chater 7!

Many people starred and whispered as Emma and I approached school.

"Who's the new kid?" "Damn he's hot." "Emma's so lucky!" "EW why's he with Emma?!" Were just a few of the phrases we heard people exclaim as we walked up the front stairs.

"Really Emma? Who's your new friend? Let me guess he's your little fuck buddy!" Johnny snickered, pissing me off.

"No. I am not her "fuck buddy" thank you very much. Now I suggest you pipe the fuck down before I make you." I snarled with my new-found confidence.

"Marcel?" He gasped then covered it up with a laugh. "Seriously? Who would have thought! Marcel grew some balls!"
"Actually, my name's Harry."

"Harry, hmm that's even better! Marcel thinks he's tough using his real name. I can still kick your ass, that's never going to change." He spat, but now a crowd was forming around us.

"No! You can't hurt my poor HarBear!" Some blonde who always had teased me exclaimed, clinging on to me.

"OH save it, I'm not interested in any of you girls." I rolled my eyes gently shoving her off. "And I'm defiantly not scared of you." I directed at Johnny.

"Just yesterday I kicked your bum. What makes you think anything changed today just because you look different?" He laughed.

"There's 2 reasons." I smirked stepping towards Johnny.

"Well here's the first reason, I've gained some confidence and I'm sick of all you low-life losers pushing me around when I could really kick any of your asses. I'm sick of pretending to be someone I'm not. And, secondly, I now see what you really are." I pause and look at the crowd surrounding us, "You see, according to leading Psychiatrists, Johnny's a bully for one of three reasons. One, underneath all of that male bravado, there's an insecure little girl just banging on the closet door to get out. Two, like a caveman, Johnny's brain is underdeveloped. Therefore, Stan is not able to use self-control and so he acts out aggressively. And the third reason, Johnny has a small wiener." I finish causing the whole crowd around us to "oooooh" and cheer.

"T-That was more than 2 reasons retard! Not so nerdy now, huh?" Johnny stuttered.

"Got me there big-boy." I smirked turning to Emma.

"Let's go babe" I winked tugging her away from the crowd with me, towards our lockers. A feeling I had never felt before washing through my body, pride.


A/N: I know. I know.  That line is from 17 Again. I'm sorry but I just loved that scene, I died laughing when I first saw it. Please, don't report me I give all credit of that line to Zac Efron/the producers of 17 Again. (The line where he's talking about why Johnny's a bully) 

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