Behind The Gel(Marcel FanFic)

Day after day Marcel was bullied. His reputation was strong set, the nerdy boy with the gelled hair. Although, he had a goal. And that was to prove all his bullies wrong. Alongside his best friend, Emma, he was going to show Holmes Chapel High School that there was more to him then just brains and hair gel. Those "popular" jerks were going to regret overlooking him because of his appearance on the outside. Marcel had a secret. A secret that would change his life, and reputation, forever.


6. Chapter 6!

"Em. I'm nervous."

"Hazza! Don't be. Millions of people do this everyday." Emma comforted back.

"But Emma, this is different, it's me and you."

"We'll take it slow Harry, trust me it will be worth it in the end."

"I don't know...." I responded, my voice shakey.

"Gosh darn it Harry just put it in!" Emma impatiently shouted.

"Okay gosh Emma! Pushy!" I groaned back, in a joking matter.

"Ugh. I just don't know! Won't it be painful??"

"Harry. Listen to me, you've done this before, at first it will be uncomfortable and your vision may be blurry, but soon it will all be clear and comfortable!" Emma soothed me, persuading me it will all be okay.

"But I've never done this on my own before! Yesterday you helped me put it in!" I sighed. "I'm not coordinated enough!"

"Harold Edward Styles. I'm growing impatient. In order to get to school on time we have to leave the house in less than 10 minutes, and i'm leaving with or WITHOUT you. So hurry your butt up!"

"Fine. Fine. Okay, here i go..." Slowly, and nervously, i began my task.

"Hurry up or i'm putting it in for you Harold!" Emma shouted.

"GOD ALRIGHT WOMAN!" I shouted shoving the contact lens in my left eye, then right. This morning when i woke up i drove over to Emma's house with several outfits so she could help me look like a "Bad boy" or whatever. Once we finished that she wouldn't let me leave the house until i wore contacts instead of my glasses. Even though, she knows i HATE contacts. "Finished!" I breathed out in relief as Emma pulled me out towards my car in her drive way. Gosh she's always cared to much about being fit and proper, well at least on time for school. Soon enough we were cruising down the roads towards school, blaring the radio.

"Emma?" I asked turning down the radio.

"Ugggggh, Harry that song was my jam! You know i love Sk8r Boi! Turn it back on!" She groaned reaching towards the volume switch.

"No!" I exclaimed swatting her hand away. "This is serious!"

"Fine go on." She pouted.

"I'm nervous Emma. Like really nervous. What if everyone makes fun of me for my new look? Or what if they still beat me up? Or don't believe my real name is Harry? Or Or...."

"HARRY! Shut up!" She shouted. "I love you! But you really need to calm down babe. I'm here for you, no matter what. And it doesn't mater what they think, it shouldn't matter! So just relax! And please, talk in your normal voice, there's no need to be shy and hide your amazing real voice, you don't have to sound nerdy like they expect you to!"

"And plus, i saw your muscles/abs you could take anyone of them dumb jocks!"

"You're right, babe. Gosh i love you, what would i do without you!?" I exclaimed, parking my car in a spot at the school's parking lot Calming myself, i hopped out of my car, opened Emma's door(plating a sweet kiss on her lips of course), then we slowly made our way towards the school doors, not sure what to expect when we opened them.

------------------------------------------------------ A/N: I'm baaaaaack! And i'm super sorry about the long wait! I feel so bad! I've been bust with my first year of high school, and my VOD speech i had to write for school was choose to be sent to the competition so i had to perfect and record that, which consumed A LOT of my time! Sorry babes! I love all of you and i'm going to be updating alot more now!

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