Behind The Gel(Marcel FanFic)

Day after day Marcel was bullied. His reputation was strong set, the nerdy boy with the gelled hair. Although, he had a goal. And that was to prove all his bullies wrong. Alongside his best friend, Emma, he was going to show Holmes Chapel High School that there was more to him then just brains and hair gel. Those "popular" jerks were going to regret overlooking him because of his appearance on the outside. Marcel had a secret. A secret that would change his life, and reputation, forever.


5. Chapter 5!

Once my mum told me my audition was April 11th my nerves began kicking in. That's only a month away! 

"Hey Em, i'm coming over. I have big news!" I exclaimed through the phone, hanging up before she had time to question. Soon, enough, i pulled into the driveway of her large blue house.

"EM!" I exclaimed walking through the door, not bothering to knock, her parents are at work.

"Mar-I mean Harry!" She shouted back. "Gosh, whoops, i'm still not use to the name change!" 

"It's fine, love!" I chuckled, " Anyway, guess what!?"
"What!?" She exclaimed hopping on my back while i walked towards the sofa.

"You've got to guess!" I protested, plopping myself on the couch along with her.

"Uhhhhh...Your cat died?"  She asked, laying across the couch, her head on my lap.

"No! Why would i be excited about Molly dying?!" 

"I don't know Haz! I'm a terrible guesser! Just tell me!" She whined.

"My audition is on April 11th!" 

"What!?" She exclaimed sitting up. "As in April 11th of NEXT MONTH!?" 


"Oh my gosh! Hazza! That's so soon! You need to get practicing!" 

"I know! I know! And Hazza?" I questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Oh...erm...That's your new nickname!" She exclaimed nervously. 

"Hazza. Hmmm i like it! It's cute!" I chuckled planing a kiss on her forehead.

"Harry?" She yawned. "Yes love?"
"Can you sing for me?"

"Sure thing babe, what song?"

"You know what song." She smiled, snuggling in my chest. Obviously, i did. Holding her tight, i breathed out the first notes of Isn't She Lovely, the song i dedicated to Emma. 

Finishing the final notes minutes later, soft snores soon consumed my ears. Looking down i discovered Emma sound asleep in my arms. Carrying her to her room, i laid her down, exiting the room after covering her snugly and planting a soft kiss on her forehead. Thankfully, she had already been in her pajamas when i arrived, that way i didn't have to change her. I mean i wouldn't mind although, i'm not sure how she would take it now that we expressed our feelings towards one another. 


Once i arrived home I instantly fell asleep with a smile plastered across my face, all because of Em. I mean seriously? How could anyone be that perfect, and how could i deserve someone like her? She's been by my side through thick and thin, even when everyone else wasn't.  The only worry that crossed my mind of course, was how everyone at school tomorrow morning would react to the new Marcel. Because honestly, i'm not letting people like me now that i'm "Harry."

If they couldn't accept me as Marcel, they can't be accepted by Harry.



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