Always be here ~


2. The news

I woke-up to the sound of ruffling papers so I went into the kitchen to see my mom who was a little bit teary eyed. I went up to her and said,"What's Wrong Mommy?" She answered ," Uhm…I think you should have a seat." I say down in the seat right next to her waiting for her to talk. She opens her mouth and started to speak," We are moving." WHAT I CAN'T MOVE MY FRIENDS ARE ALL HERE IT'S HARD TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS FOR ME THEY DONT GET MY SEN E OF HUMOR! She started to talk again," since Phoebe and Frankie(my siblings) are in collage I think we should be closer to my family in Philly because we are all alone here." She stated "We are moving to Philly!?!?" I said, she chuckled." No we are moving to Mickletin where your aunt, uncle and your two little cousins live its close to Philly." I am still a little pissed off but I like it where my uncle lives  so I start to try to stay positive." I hate my room any way, when are we leaving?" I chuckled. "Tomorrow morning start packing."  I nodded my head and walked to my room. 


--hey guys--

if this was to short let me know

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