Emily and Harry Twins!?

What, Happens when Emily Styles. Finds her missing twin? What will happen when she falls for one of the boys. But her twin banishs all dating between them and her..


1. Special People


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                  Hi, My name is Emily Milward Styles. I know the last name is from Harry styles the Famous band One Direction and my middle name is weird. I have blondish, brownish, curly hair, gray eyes, and an awesome personality. But you don't want to get on my bad side. (By the way i look like a spit image of harry styles except in girl form can you picture that?)


       I woke up thinking why I can't say no to my younger sister Lucy. Why? Because, she is a brat. And if you don't give her what she wants. You'll regret it. Well, knowing that she talked me into going to a One Direction Concert. I don't stalk One Direction, I just know enough to not embarrass myself. I was in mid-thought before my sister barges into my room.

"You ready to meet the love of your life sista?" Yes, I had a small crush on THE Liam Payne. But, chances of anything happening between me and him. Slim so slim there maybe Isn't even a possibility.

"Oh, yes sister! You ready to meet Harry?" I don't understand why she likes Harry. (A/N I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HARRY!!)

"OMG, Emily you have no idea! You know they pick a girl from the stage and sing to them right?"

"OMG! I did not know that. I'm gonna be so scared if Liam pulls me up on stage." I say sighing dreamily.

"Mom and dad also got us meet and greet passes." She added, "that sounds awesome Lucy." "Hey, sis lets go get in your Neon Pink jeep, You call "Pink Panther" and go to the mall to get an outfit for the concert."

"Sounds like a plan. Go tell mom." Lucy runs down the stairs and screams

"Me and Emily are going to the mall!"

"Ok, Honey you and Em have fun at the mall!" Mom screamed back. 


                                                            (SKIP DRIVE TO MALL)


     We finally made it to the mall. We walk in the doors chatting to ourselfs not paying attention, until we bump into two guys. "Omg, I'm so sorry! I didn't see you!" I huffed.

My sister ran off with the other boy, great she ran off with a stranger in sunglasses and scarfs. "Its okay, love. He says pulling me from my thoughts. "What's your name?" "It's Uh, Um, Emily. Emily Styles." "You related to Harry?" He questions. Damn, why does everybody ask this question. "Um, not that I know of." He chuckles and says, "Have you ever heard of the band One Direction, by chance?" "Yes, but not a huge fan. I only like one of the boys." "And which one may that be?" "Liam Payne." I say. He sighs in relief, and takes his scarf and sunglasses off. And it's freaking LIAM PAYNE!! "I, Uh, It's, You, Like, Really, You!!!" He laughed. God, he had an amazing laugh. "So, um, you coming to our concert tonight?" "Yeah, me and my sister are." "Where is your sister?" I point to her and she is talking to Harry Styles. "Oh, My, God. I Can't believe my sister is talking to her want-to-be-boyfriend." I say. "Could I have your number?" Liam asks making me scream like a little girl and jump. "That was hilarious," He chuckles "You should've seen your face it was priceless." He says in between laughs. "Haha, So funny. Here" I say handing a piece of paper that has my name and number on it. "Thanks." I nod, and start walking towards my sister, who is laughing at something Harry said. I walked up to her, "Hey, sis. I see your talking to your wanna-be-boyfriend." I say as her whole face becomes red as a tomato. I look over at Harry, and his mouth is hanging open. "Close your mouth, before you catch bugs." I say and shudder at the thought and mental image. I dragged my sister away before he could answer. "What was that Emily? You just embarrassed me infront of my gonna-be-boyfriend." She finishes as I fake yawn. "You down with your rambling now? I came here to get a outfit. So, lets go." I say and walk away. I walk into a random clothes store, and find the perfect dress! It's Neon Yellow with ruffles in my boob area. It makes my boobs look bigger than they really are. It stops mid-thigh. Which, I'm fine with. My sister finds the same kind of dress except its Neon Pink. We bought them and walked out the store to a shoe store. I get Neon Yellow Flats, while my sister gets Neon Pink Heels. "Your gonna wish you got flats." I tell her as we walk out the store. "Eh, I'll deal with it." She says like its No big deal. We went home and I curled my hair and added a thin layer of eyeliner. I also added thick layers of Mascara to my eyelashes. With A lip gloss that makes my pink full lips look amazing. My sister almost does the same thing. Except, she has a lot more eyeliner on. and less mascara, and red lipstick making her look weird. But, I'm not gonna say that outloud. We walk to my jeep and jump in and drive to the concert.


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