Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


8. 8


Lexi P.O.V.


When I was done in the chicken I went to the livening room  and say my best friend with some people. I went up to her and ask her what she was doing here.

(June)I'm just here Cass may wonted me to.

(Lexi) okay well why did you just say no.

I couldn't Cass she grabbed me and dragging me out the Dore.

okay well I'm going to live you now Cass I'm just don't wont to hair it.

When I was walking away I felt like some one was watching me. So I walk faster looking bake to see if there was some one there. then guess what happened I walk into jack and he looked at me wired.he trend my face torses his. we were both looking at each other in the ayes he had bright blue ayes they were gorges. I all was had a thing for him.

hey. jack said in his hot sexy voices.

(Lexi) hey what up.

(jack) why don't you tell me.

all of the sadden we were up agents the wall. I was pretty shear he was about to kiss me. and he did. It was soft but yet herd and lingering then it trend in to a fall on make out sash. When we were done he gave me one more kiss. then walked away from me. Living me there with no ? what happened. then Tristan garbed me and we went out to the front deck. we were siting on a swing he was looking at me with a mien face. I mien I was freaking out a little bit.

why were you kissing jack. Tristan said.

we were just kissing what doss it mater to you.I said. I mien it was not his chose of what I do.

he is my best friend and you no that he well only hert you I don't like seeing you like that. he yells at me.

you don't no that it is my chose of what I do. you don't decide of what I do. I yelled bake at him and walked away from him out in to the dance floor the song you and I was playing when I was out there. looking all around looking for some one I new but then I say Tristan walking toads me so I ran out side to the bake porch no one was out there but there was this big drop of in to the sue so I sat on it and was just looking out in to the sue. as tiers started falling done my face in to my chutes on my face. Then I felt like there was some one watching me filling agency.I looked behind me to see there was Austen in side buy the window with his friends. then there was Tristan and jack talking to each other. 

so I looked bake out to the sue and then I herd a voices thinking it was Tristan but it was this weird dud I thank his name is trek or something I looked up at him.

(Lexi) what was that you said. I did not here you. looking at him as I wiped my tires away.

(trek) I said why are you out here it is so could. he put his jacket on me for some reason.

I stood up and said why did you gave me your jacket it's not that clod.

(trek) I just was tiring to be nice.

sorry bad day. then i Trudi to tern away but I slept and hit my hied and let out a big cerement tiring to hold on to trick's hind but then I slipped. falling down in to the sue just hopping some one well come and get me.




  tristen P.O.V.    


Austen yells o my god really loud. I look at him and say he was looking out side wine I looked and say Lexi holding on to trek.I say her hands slipping and she fell. me and Austen ran out side. I looked at trek and then punch him in the face Austen grabbed me and palled me off him jack come out side and was looking done where she fell . he said he cloud not see her. me and Austen well go done on the beech you stay up here and look for her okay. I said no then dived in to the sue. hoping I wood get to her. I new that when I side no and jumped into the sue that they wood run done to the beech and look for us. I was look every where then I decide to look down deeper hopping she was there then I say blond and I new that had to be her I grabbed her arm and swim up to the serfs of the sue. I held her closes to me and swim to the beech, we gout to the beech Austen and jack say me and Lexi and ran up to us I was holding Lexi looking for a palls I could not find one. I told jack that and he took her from my arms and tired to get her to berth just seeing her like that kills me. then I herd chafing and I looked over at Lexi her ayes were opened and jack was hugging her she got up and ran to me and jumps into  my arms and she said thanks for saving me it means a lout then I put her down and she gos over to Austen. now that kills me a lout more then you think. I mean he hert her so bad and she just gos up to him and hags him.I don't no why she doss thous thinking's.

Lexi P.O.V.

I  went up to Austen and Hugged him. he was hugging me so hared I felt like I was going to die.

(Lexi) do you still have fillings for me I asked him. he was looking in to my ayes.

no but I do still love you. he palled away from the hag and kissed me on the cheek and left me with nothing ells but that kiss on my cheek I was so confused. why do boys just walk away from kissing me I don't get it. Tristan walk up to me and said

we need to go home now it has been a long night and we are soaking whet.

okay lets go.





well that was a fun party wasn't it what do you thank well happen next 

I well right tomorrow hop you liked it 

love you hop you have a good day

love you






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