Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


7. 7


lexis P.O.V



so when we drop off Lola she ran start to her friends. Well me and Tristan were still in the car....


(Tristan) we are going to a party now. he said with a big smile on his faces.

(Lexi) were is the party I have to have serves there cuss of Lola ya no. 

(Tristan) wow calm done you well have serves. he was looking at me like I was crazy 

(Lexi) well shod we tell Lola .

(Tristan) no she doss not need to now what we are doing. I mean she is staying the night right.

(Lexi) yeah but.

(Tristan) No buts. buts are used for pooping and some times shaking .as he side that with his finger over my lips .

(Lexi0 okay let go I don't wont to cheep every one whiting for us.

(Tristan) wow that was fast I thought you were going to fight to stay here with them.

(Lexi) no more talking lets go. i had my finger over his lips this time.

so he trend on the car and  i trend up the music. we all Raddy were partying.

when we got to the party there were so meany people. it was like 11:00 pm. we were really lat. we got out of the car and walk in to jacks houses. I was pretty shear Tristan was looking for jack. we finally fond him.

(jack) mind if I still him for a sec. jack said to me with a smirk his face and walked away from me with Tristan.

It has Ben like 30 minuets sens they left i decide to go find something to sip on or eat.

walking thru the crowd of people looking for the chicken. I finally fond the chicken. went I got in there I say a bolt and drank out of it when I tested it. it was not what I thought it was.


Tristan P.O.V.


when jack palled me away from Lexi I new he was taking me to Ashley. when we fond her she was with this guy. he was piking on her for some reason I grande Ashley away from that ass hole. I told her to stay away from him. me and her when up steers to a bed room so we could do the dirty. when I went bake down steers you well not bevel what I say.


OMG what the f happens

is it bad is it good you well just have to what and find out

love you thanks for reading

I well post tomorrow


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