Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


5. 5




Tristen P.O.V.




Holding her in my arm's just wanting to go bake to her houses and kike her dads ass. She fell asleep. I then remember there is a party going on at jacks houses. Then there is one tomorrow I said I would do a favor for this one girl. but I don't wont to leave Lexi and Lola all alone. I guess Lexi well come with me and Lola can stay at a friends pleas. 







it was a text from jack.

hey man were are you - jack

something came up I cant come - Tristan

k well come to the next one it well be great - jack

k well I'm going to bring Lexi with me she has to stay with me for a little. do you mined - Tristan

no of cores not she hot. I would love to tap that - jack

dud that my best friend your talking about - Tristan

so she soooo hot - jack

well I'm going to go now so bye - Tristan

bye - jack




I look at Lexi and see that she is awake. why are you up.

I herd you texting

oh I'm sorry. lets get bake to bed it Reilly late. and I was really wont to sleep





next day




Lexi P.O.V.



Morning sleep had

oh morning. what what time is it.

its 12:30 why. as he was looking at me

shit what about school and Lola did she get to school. I was freaking out hoping she did go to school.

we don't have school today. he look at me with a sprays face.

oh okay thank god. so what we going to do today. it has to be fun.

well we can go. right when  he was talking Lola interrupted. (soo men)

hey can we go to scat world with some of my friends.

of cross we well do that.

so we are all going to scat world. oh and can I stay the night.

yes yes and yes.

we need to go like now.

I have to get ready I well be right bake.


what she is wearing -  


k I'm ready we can go now. 

good lets go.



we all got in the car.when we got there Lola's friends were whiting for her




i had to end it cases it was getting to long so

hop you liked it cheep reading

love you










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