Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


3. 3




Lexi P.O.V.


When I go home I trade to go to my room but my mum and dad were whiting for me in the living room. I was half way up the steers be for my mum and dad heard me.

 Get you ass down here right now young lady.

I'm sorry I didn't text you but I was at a friends. wall I was looking down on the ground.

That is the most stooped est  thing I have ever heard in my hole life. As he punch me making blood go don my face. then he punch me even header this time making me fall to the floor. As I led there hoping my sister heard what was going on and wood text Tristan.



tristen P.O.V.


I  hop Lexi got home safe. I don't wont any thong to happen to her. and she was spots to  text me bay now. 




I look at my phone and see it is lexi sister.


help Lexi got in big tubal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I run out to my car going and got in. I went as fast as the car wood go. When I got there I walk up to the door as I herd screaming. I kid open the door to see Lexi covered  in blood helpless getting beaten from her dad as her mom just watch him do that. Lola chem running down the steers and out the door to my car. As I whet over to Lexi and got her dad off of her. I picket her up and put her in my car taking her to a hospital.


h-help help we need help. I yelled as I walk in. a nears cam up to us and yelled  "that we have a emergency we have a emergency" then a norther nears cam up to us and said follow me . there was a bed for Lexi to be on. the nears calender her up and gave her three stitches in her arm. when she was done. she had us pay and let us go. so I took Lexi and Lola to my pleas. I shooed them to the door and I shooed them there room. where they con sleep.




Lexi P.O.V


I pout Lola to sleep and when to Tristan's room to talk to him. I walked in and he was in there whiting for me. When he say me he grabbed me and palled me in to a big bear hug.

(Tristan) I thought you were got to get kill. don't do that to me. 

(Lexi) I chant believe you cam to me I thought no one was going to come I was so Seared. as  look up at and notes he was looking at me to. 

(Tristan) I well all was be there for you forever. as are leaps all most met. but some one was calling  but I don't cheer we are just friend and that is all we are. he aneroid the phone to my mom and dad.

( mom and dad) We wont are kids back.

(Tristan) no you are betting  them. your not getting them back.

(mom and dad) you well regret that. then they hong up.

We went to sleep but I just cheap tossing and turning taring to sleep but I just could not. So I got up and when to Tristan room and got in his bed. he notes that I was there and trend to face me and held me in his arms and I slowly fell asleep in his arms. He mad me fill safe as can be.





hop you like this one thanks for riding my book love all of you an tell next time

I well right tomorrow




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