Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


24. 24

Lexis P.O.V

it has been three weeks sense my dad kidnapped me. he has beaten me up, cut me with a knife and raped me it made me fill so violated. I miss tucker so bad to I wonder how he is handling it I wish. I was wish him the night I got kidnapped. but I just have to handle this and tri to get out but I no that it is impossible right now because my dad has been tacking blood from me so I can't walk I fill like no one is coming for me. in the medal of my thought I start to fill really drowsy. I see my dad walk over to me and I'm pretty sheer he is getting ready to rap me agen he is such a siko. I just wont this over.

tuckers P.O.V

it has been three weeks sense I have seen Lexi I miss her like crazy. it fills like we have been playing hide and seek for weeks but really we have not. lastly I have been looking every were from her in the woods I have talked to Tristan just to Mack sheer that he is not the one oh kidnapped her. right in the medal of one of my thoughts I got a texts from some one unknown I look at the text and it side

tucker pleas come save me I'm at my houdvf. 

I kept on scanning the text trying to finger out what houdvf meant. I finger it must of meant housie. so I decide to go to her old housie.


two hours later

I walk into the dark  housie it was kind of creepy. I turn around and see Tristan steering at me like a creep

(Tristan)  what the hell are you doing hier tucker you no you can come alone to this housie. cuss if you were in a life or death moment you would die.

(tucker) Tristan you now I could kill you right now right. but any was why are you heir.

(Tristan) your not the only one she texted stooped. and she texted me because she still loves me.

(tucker) I thank she would hat you right now for being a dike and cheating on her with some slut.

(Tristan)  that other girl was just to Mack Lexis jells and sides I well do any this for Lexi. I-I still L-Love her. I mean she is my would.

(tucker) well I now that she is not your would so get over it ok. so I well go up stress and see if there up their and you well look done heir.  

(Tristan) got it caption tucker.

(tucker) don't be suck a dike Tristan.

that guy gets on my nerves so much some times I wish he would just go away for riel.

tristens P,O,V

I walk done the hall and tern to the living room and there I see Lexi all curled up in a ball. I ran back behind a wall so her dad would not see me. I look just a little to see what was happening. and her fat ass dad gets up off his lazy ass and walks to her then side "its time to tack some more blood from you"

that baster is tiring to kill his own doter I truly do not get way some people are so mean to there kids. I slowly come out from behind the wall as soon as I did Lexis face had a smile on it. as soon as her dad sa that smile he looked behind him self and was giving me the death gluer. I really don't cheer if he doss that to me

(lexis dad) what the hell are you doing heir Tristan.

(Tristan) I'm trying to get back my girl. and I don't wont to hurt you.

(lexis dad) ha you thank you can hurt me hell no but I can hurt you.

as he side that he pull out a gun and shoots it at me then I herd a anther bang then I'm out I can only see is black.



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