Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


22. 22

Lexis P.O.V.

tucker drove me up to the vow point. the drove was so weird. cuss on the way my hands started to shake like i was in a heracan. tucker garbed my hand and just held it. I now he new that I was wired. see me and tucker have this thing were we now if one is worried. we got there and I just sat in the car for a minuet or two.

(tucker) Lexi don't worrier. ever thing is going to be okay.

(Lexi) how do you no. I mean what if he just tells me that he killed some one or something like that. you now that i don't wont to be with some one like that.

(tucker) if he did any thing like that I will help you get though that. I will be right by your said.

(lexi) thanks tuck. you rally do help me                                                                                                              I get out of the car and tell him good bye. I went to the rock to sit and what for Tristan. "hey you" "hey" he was siting on the car and I thank he had some one with him. "so what did you wont to talk about" "see lexi hire is the thing your my best friend and right now girlfriend and that is what i wont to change. i say you come up hear mostly ever night and you just cried you now i hat seeing you like that. so i have to do this. I'm braking up with you. can see you like this so hert and i now you see acacia in the car i moved on and i wont you to do the same thing I'm sorry but i just had to" " its okay i had a feeling that's way you wonted to talk. i mean you were gone for a long time" "do you need a raid home and i just wonted you to now i wont to go bake to just being friends. okay" " yeah okay but no I'm just going to call tiler" "okay bye"

I was not going to call tiler. i was just going to walk and fined were the rode led me. if anything i would end up at home caring my ayes out. I started to walk down the long sucker road. looking for the man road back to haven or shell I say hell. i walked up to  the door and nocked on it cuss i rill hop that ??? will answer it.



okay so i now that it was short but i had this big paper dou so. next time i will make it longer

love you hop you have a good week                                          


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