Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


20. 20

Lexi's P.O.V.

I open my eyes to see tiler my big brother. 

"Is it Reilly you tiler "

"Yeah it's me "

" I thought you were "

"I now died I thought the same thing to.  But I guess not " 

(tucker ) "yeah and we thought you were going to be gone to "

(Lexi) " will I'm alive " right when I Side that I got cut.

(tristen) " and that a Reilly good thing to "

(Lexi) " tristren oh my god. I've missed you so much " 

(tristen) " yeah I no. tomarrow go to the vou point we need to talk" as he stop lening on the door frame  and walked away. 

(Lexi) " well what got into him "

(tiler) " don't ask me I haven't been heir in like 5 years "

(tucker) " I thank he just carped his panty's "

(Tiler)" when you are ready just get dressed and we will be right out side of your room" they both walked out of the room and I got changed in to some rill cloths. I yelled at them and they got me a will Cher and rolled me to the exit. When we got to the exit tucker tried to help me stand but I fell back done right when I did he piked me up mad cured me to the car he put me in the car he got in right beside me. Tiler started to drive home. I put my hued on Tucker's lap and fell asleep. I never thought I would fill so saff like this agen. 



next day



i open my eyes and and tucker is right next to me sonde a sleep. I get up and go do my heir, Mack up and get dressed. I walk back out to were tucker is and all of the sudden I see tucker shert less oh how I love his Abbs. he walked over to me and kisses me on the for head. 

" good morning cute"

" morning "

"I'm glide you can walk now "

"yeah me to "

" so what are you doing today "

"just going to lay around all day and watch movies"

" sonde like fun mined. if I watch with you "

"I don't cheer at all "


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