Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


2. 2




Lexis P.O.V.



I slept thinking that I was going to fall on my ass. but all the sudden tristen caught me. I was looking in to his gorges eyes. Could help my self but smile. He lefted me up and walks me to his door. I went in and sat on a stool. well he was getting me and him water I got out my books and said lets get this over with I done wont to fell  quiz.


(tristen) . why do we have to study for this right now. he was scratching his head looking at me.

I just wont to get it done and over with and i don't reilly wont to fell this quiz. I chant blame tristen he hats quiz's ever sens 3th grad and he has a reputation that he has to stick to (BTW he is a bad boy) 


(tristen) cant we just talk about today. Siting down next to me.

I really don't wont to talk about that right now. I look at him and tried to smile a little.

don't play that with me fake smiling stuff with me. I now he hart you  I really hat seeing you like this it kills me on the in side I just wont you happy. he hugged me.




tristens P.O.V.






We finally got done and I was hunger so I made us some diner. 

what are you making.lexi said with a smile on her face.

I look at her and said. i'm making make and cheese. i new it was her favort food.

she smiled and said. omg that is my fav. she ran up to me and hugged me and i trend around look at her with a big smile on my face.

i gave her a big thing of it. we both whet and sat don and started to eat. when we were done she when to the bath room and when she was in there her phone when off. it was all so doing the same thing when we were working on home work but she just ignored it. i grabbed her phone and say it was her peers. they wonted her to come home.


what are you doing. lexis said. looking at me with her maid face.

looking in your phone. I  was smirking when I said it.

can I have my phone bake. she said

ok ok you can have it if you can get it. i started to run she did to after a little she when and sat on the couch. I whet and sat next to her gave her phone bake.

I need to go. lexi said.

why stay with me we can talk about today. I was smiling when i said it.

I tooled you ones that i don't wont to. well she was looking at the floor. 

Im sorry that I ask I just wonted to no. now i was looking at the ground.

I reilly need to go home now so I well see you tomorrow.

how about you text me tonight.

ok ok i well text you. she got up and said bye.





what well happen when she gos home?????

tell next time





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