Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


19. 19


Tristen P.O.V

ever sens I left town I've missed Lexi like crazy. But I left for a good resin.  I didn't won't to get her hurt.  I check up on her ones and a wail. Cus every night she go's to the vou point. But I'm trying to move on.  I've been talking to this girl her name is acacia she is Reilly niece. I thank she maybe the one to get me over Lexi. I have also been work for ones in my life. It not that typical job that any kid my age has. It is kinda ummmm a drug dialer. I no I no it's a bad job but it's the only one I can get. I've also been look for the person oh is threatening me and all that suff.  


"Hey Tristan what are you doing in bed sill" 

"you now just thinking and sleeping like always" 

"well the boss has job for you today"

"Ya ya I now like always. I we'll be done in a bit" 

" just make sheer to not piss him off this time"

"got it now live me alone" 

i got up from bed and tack a shower, get changed then I went down steers to see what the boss wanted me to do today...

"hey Ben what's the plan for today"

"i need you to go to 91071 and give this to a person named tiler stamper"  did he just say what I think he side. We'll i pretty sheer he did (p.s. Lexis last name is stamper ) and she had a brother a older brother that died and I us to hang out with him so this may be him or that just have the same name or something. So I went to the pals I walked up to the door and I was just standing there waiting for someone to answer. 

"Ummm oh are you and way are you at my house" tiler 

"we'll are you tiler"

"yeah I'm tiler way"

"We'll I have what you won't"

"oh thanks and do I no you from some were or something"

"well I no you sister Lexi oh and I'm pretty sheer we us to hang out so yeah you now"

"now way tristen wow how are you"

"good Reilly good but just thought you were died you no"

" oh we'll yeah I was but I came back to life when they were going to cremat me so yeah I good. And I just didn't wont to come bake. I felt like you gies would not believe it was me"

"well I now oh is going to won't to see you"

"Who oh never mined I no who you are going to say"

" yeah but I don't now were she is right now. But I we'll just text her" 

"cool I can't weat to see her and my little brother" 

"yeah I now what you mean". Right when I side that some one was calling me.


"hi is this tristen"

"yes way would wont to no that "

"We'll Lexi is in the hospital and you are on her emergency list in her phone so would you like to come done to the hospital for her"

" yeah I we'll be there soon "

"ok we we'll tell the front desk that you are coming"

"thanks "

tiler "what happening "

" your sister is in the hospital I guess it is a good time to go and see her"

" you think"


Lexi's P.O.V

all I now right now is that I just go into a car crash. And no one is around me and I'm all alone no one to help me   






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