Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


17. 17

Lexi P.O.V.



I wake up and take my shower and do my make up. My heir looked fined so I just left it how it was.  I ran done the steers to fined out any thing on my sister ( p.s. Her sister ran away ) they had nothing on her right.  So I went to school. There was that boring drive like always. Won't I got there I went to my locker and go all the books I needed for my first classes. 

Hey beautiful.  How was your night. Good like usually tuk. ( how yeah I found out that Turks name is Reilly tucker ) have you frowned out any thing about your sister. Nothing  at all I've been so worried that they just don't care any more.  "No they would never give up every one love your little sister" I no that we will fined her. What about Tristan. Have you herd any thing from him. I Reilly don't thank I'm going to see him ever again. I swear my life is falling aperture all over again. And sides I would have here'd from him weeks ago. Tucker kissed me on my forehead and went to his class. The first bells went off and every one was in class wall I was just standing there look in my locker for my phone. 

L..e..x......I    i        m..Isss y...o..u.


What  tucker was that you.  As I was looking all around to see if there was some one there. 










What the hell Tristan is that you.. I felt a hand on my shoulder I tern to is if it was Reilly him. But no it wasn't. I miss him like crazy. I have been having These dreams about him and seeing randomly. I desired not to do school today I went to the park and went on the big hill.  I was just thanking about every thing that happened to him and my sister I miss them both soooo much. But I have tucker with me at lest I have him. I just don't wont to loos any one else's. I could see them again it would be the best thing ever. Kissing Tristan's nice lips. 


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