Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


13. 13

tiristens P.O.V.


after school I went to jacks houses and sated the night. in the morning when I got up and talk to jack about me and Lexi.

so what did you wont to talk about bro.

me and Lexi had a fight and I told her I never wonted to talk to her again. and the next days when we when back to school its like she for got about it and she was all happy like nothing happened but I just ignored her. but I'm glad she is happy it's good to see her like that.

wow bro you like her.

if I liked her I would have been so piss when you and her made out.

oh you say that sorry bro I could not help my self shes just so hot sorry. but I no you like her.

okay well then.

okay is that all.

no the night when she talk to me I went up to the vow were me and her first met. and she was caring for some reason.

wowo you ARE STOOPED. SHE LIKE YOU TO you do now that right.

no she doss not like me.

oh....... when jack was about to say something some one head to come to his houses. I got up and when to the door and when I oped it. it was Lexi.

lexis P.O.V.

When I went up to his door I heard Tristan vouis I didn't  wont to listen so I just nouct on the door and I was hopping that jack would answer the door but no Tristan had to answer it.

what do you wont. Tristan said with this look on his face like he wonted to kill me or something.

oh I just wonted to talk to jack.

he is not hair right now so I thank you should just live.

oh okay then bye.


I when to my car and say that Tristan was still looking at me I got in my car and went to school and when I got there I went to class and just got it over with. when it was done I went to the lunch room. to look for Austen but I only say Tristan and jack. I went out to the foot ball filed and say Austen making out with this slut just seeing him stick his tug down her through med me riles that Lola was right he was using me.I walked up to them and the girl notes that I was there and Austen trend around and say that I was right there the girl ran off to her next guy. I punch Asten and when I did he said.

what the hell Lexi what was that for.

really you don't now what that was for wow you are really smart.

Lexi let me spleen.

no I'm sick of you I'm done with all of you.I walk back into the lunch room and Austen cam after me he just would not let me go.

Lexi pleas I well do anything.

no I'm done I tolled you ones I never wont to see you again. and that's final. when I trend to go to my car I say Tristan looking at me so I just ran to my car and when I got in it I sated to remember what happened so for the rest of the day I went to the vow and just cried my ayes out.

I thought I was the only one oh came hair but I guess not . I treed to see how it was and it was Tristan.

Ii thou you never wonted to talk to me again.


oh then I should just lave and as I was about to get in my car i said.

oh and sorry for ignoring you I really I'm. I would  have ignore me to.

Lexi stop I don't wont you to live. I chem hire for you. I wonted to talk to you I miss you.

why did you not just talk to me at jack

cass I didn't no at the time.

you didn't no what. he walk up to me so are body's were touching and are leaps were so closes to as it was like we were going to kiss then he said.

I didn't now that I'm in love with you. than he kissed me softly its was like nothing in the wold could bother me now. I never felt like this with Austen and I well never let this filling go. I love Tristan the rest of the day me and Tristan just talk about stuff and kissed and when we did kiss I didn't wont it to end and when it did he would hold me in his arms and we would just watch out in the distend I touch Tristan to his houses cuss hie had jack take him up it the vow and when I went home I just led in bed think of Tristan and how good he was to me.

Tristan P.O.V.

When Lexi brout me home I gave her one last kiss and I got out and she went home I went to my room and got in the shower when I was getting dress's  I heard some one nouct on my door I went and answered it but no one was there I said hello is anyone there. but there was a letter it and it said.



stay the hell away from Lexi if i ever see you near her again I sewer I well heart you.


all I new was I just wonted to be with Lexi now to cheep her safe

I love to much .






antell next time love all you gay 

I wont be righting tell like 2 weeks then my school well be starting so sorry if I don't right every day 

but I well cass I love this one so far. and this is like the permier so I can get more ideas love you all see you soon.





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