Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


12. 12

lexi P.O.V.


after a waylay of siting out on the balcony I decide to tell Lola. when I told her she just push me away to comforter her. so I went back to my room and did not eat I could not eat right now I felt like I should have been the one to die. why doss bad shit happen to me just why. I started to unpack my clothing it remind me that I have school tomorrow I fishiness unpacking and gout into my bed and trad to sleep but I just could not sleep I just tried to thank of happy thous. and it  worked. I wok up to the sound of my alarm cloak I went to my bath room and got in the shower. when I was done I dried my heir and put it up in a pony tel. and felt really lacy so I thru on a bleak crop top shirt. and some juens that had rips in some pleases. I when don the steers  garbed a joust box. and ask for a raid to school. and they said no. I thought they were crazy. then they thou me some car cease and said the car is all yours. I said thank you and hugged them and ran out side and I say ( this is what it looks like -

it was so cool i felt like I was going to die I got in the cool asome new car I just got and started it up and got out on to the rod and mad it go as fast as it would go. then when I say a cop car I decide to go the speed lemme the rest of the way to the school. when I got there every one was staring at me like I was some one new in the car but when I got out they went back to there normal life. I walk into the school and went to my first paired like always. when it was over I when to my locker and went I open it there was a nowt I garbed it and say it was from Austen it said. look be handed you so I looked be handed me and say Austen up agents the wall I walk tortes him and kissed him I loved his kisses. when we were done we when to are next class we had that one to gather. then when it was launch I went to fined Tristan. I when out it the back of the school and say him on the bleachers siting alone I when up to him and sat don next to him.

(Lexi) hey .

(tristan) why are you siting with me. 

(Lexi) cass we are friend.

(Tristan) hahaha very funny.

(Lexi) hey and why are you not answering my text or calls.

(Tristan) really don't act  stooped you no why I'm not answering them.

(Lexi) no I don't I really don't. 

(Tristan) Lexi just stop it just stop acting so stooped.

(Lexi) umm okay I'm really confused.

(Tristan) can you just live me alone if you are going to acct stooped.

(Lexi) fine god what the hell did i do to you.

(Tristan) just live. he didn't look at me at all. 

it was really wired that he was taking like that really wired. I walk out to my car and got in it and went to were me an Tristan first met wen. it was a big pless you can park your car and watch the sun go down an see the hole sity when I got there it was empty probably cass no one really no about it. I just sat there for hours thanking about what has happened ever sens the night of that party jack had I could not really remember anything but going into his pless. I when home cass it was night time pinch black out. I deside I would go to jack tomorrow and fined out what happened.


the next day.


i got up and went strati to my bathroom and did my mack up and put on my cloths (what she is wering -

then I grabbed my car cees and ran down the steers and out the door and got into my car and drov as fast as I cloud to jack pless.



I didn't wont to make this to long so I hop you gaess like this one

antel next time love all of you thanks for reading




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