Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


10. 10

Lexi P.O.V.

I opened my ayes and say that I was not at me houses I looked around the room. then some one walked in and it was Austen.

where I'm I. as looking at him.

you are at my houses. why.

Cass I don't no how I got hair or anything Wat happened last night.

oh well you got knockout bye your dad and I was there when it happened to you. so I bout you to my houses.

oh well sorry you were there to whiteness that. then my phone when off.

hello. I said

hey were are you.

how is this.

it is your aunt  holly.

oh sorry I'm at a friends houses. why

I need you to come home right now.


cass there is something big what just happened at you houses.

okay I well be there soon.



when I got off the phone I tried calling Tristan but he did not answer me I thought that was wired. I got to go my aunt is at my houses.

I'm not going to let you go bake home to were you mom and dad is.

I well be okay my aunt is there.

so what if she lives and you are there with just your dad and mom.

my mom tries to help me when my dad harts me okay.

well I'm steel coming with you okay.

okay let go.

we got in the car and went to my houses. when we got there we went in and i say my aunt in the living room. I ran up to her and hugged her from behind. I acts her were my mom and dad were.

well we can talk about that letter.

ummm okay then then why did you wont me home.

well you and you sister are coming to live with me.

really oh my god I cant what when are we going to move in.

to day so go pack your stuff.


me and Austen when up to my rood when we go in there Austen said.

I miss us.

what do you mean.

I mean I miss you and me.

me and you what.

I'm tiring to say well you go out with me again. 

are you for rial. I looked at him as a tier when done my faces.

he wiped away my tier and said of chores  I do I never stopped loving you. as he kissed me it was so sweet and right when we were done Lola walk in and say as that we were about to kiss agein and walk bake out. he said

I love you so much.

I love you to.

when we were done he said

i have to go now but I well talk to you later.

okay bye. as we kissed one last time.

so I started to peak up all of my stuff when I got to my cloths I when to Lola's room to see if she had some of my stuff. and of chorus she did so I got my stuff and then Lola bout up the kiss with Austen.

so what was that kiss with Austen about.

it was nothing.okayit was not nothing.

it was something  so what.

well me and Austen are going out again.

you are so stupid he is just using you. you and Tristan are more of a good cupola do you even see the way he looks at you. he looks at you like he loves you and you Don't  even is it god.

what the hell me and Tristan are just friends and he doss not like me god I'm just going to live so we wont get in a big fight okay. I went back to my room and tried to contact Tristan and tell him what just happened. but wired lye he did not answer again. I was getting worried. when I was done I when down steers to see what my aunt was doing and I say she was going thru my moms picks of me and Lola as a baby's. I when up to her and asked when are truces going to get here.

in mints you should go tell your sister okay.

okay aunt holly.

I told Lola that they were going to get here soon. and in a chupall of mints they were there. we got all are stuff pack up and got in the car and  when to her houses. we have never gone to her houses be for. and never met are uncial so it was are first day of ever being there and meeting my uncial. O.M.F.G. when we got there it was like a mansion I was so happy she lived hear. we got out and went in side are new home we ask were are rooms were and up steers we are room and then I walk in .I love my room it was so cool well lets just say big it did not have any of my stuff in it yet. when I got done with my room I told Austen all about it and how asome it was to be livening here. then my aunt walked in and said she had to talk to me so I totaled Austen I would talk to him later.

so what do you what to talk about aunt holly.

this is really herd to tell you.

okay well then just say it really fist.

okay your mo is ................

okay that was to fast and not what I meant. I meant fast as like tearing of a banded.

okay this really hard but your mom is died.

hahahaha very funny.

I'm not joking hun.

okay well  can you get out of my room now. so when I was in my room there I really needed to talk to Tristan so I called him again and again and he still didn't answer it so I just when out on the balcony and just looked out into the stars and was so said and was balling my ayes out I did not now what I was going to tall Lola. this is the hatred's thing I have ever been thou. so I just sat there.



thanks for reading and sorry that it was so long but it was a really good one so I hoped you like it the song that is planing at the end is ( your revolution is a joke )

I well post tomorrow 

love you all

antell next time


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