Lexi is a 18 year old girl, she loves her friends. this is a love story she falls for her best friend but eventually they split. she may find some one to bring her out of her depression from her X but oh no's.


1. 1



lexis P.O.V.


Whating in class for the bell to rang but then i got a text from my booboobear


booboobear- hey we need to talk

babycake- ok where do you wont to meet

booboobear-in front of the school

babycake- kk see you there booboobear bye

booboobear- k bye


I hop nothing is rong  with him. I walk out to the front of the school when I got there he was not there. where would he be. psst over here. why are you in a bush. no reason but we need to talk. ok then you get out of the bush. ok. soo what did you wont to talk about. I think we need to end things. hahaha nice joke. I was not joking. so you wont to brake up as a tier when don my faces . things are just not going well between us .ok well im just going to lave now so bye.  I was walking don the hall wall more tiers formed. I wiped them  away wall i walk into the room for my next class. tiring to stay strong and not tier more. now the bell rang as i walk out said and sat on the grass. looking at my photos of me and asten.                                              



tristen P.O.V.

I say Lexi siting on the grass aloun. when over to her and ask what was wrong .she side nothing but I still thou  something was. i sat don next to her and say she was look through her picks of her and asten. I asked  her to tell me the trough. Ok well you no oh broke up with me. I lift her up on my lap so I held her. as tires fell don her faces i wiped them away. she look at me and side im so glad your hear right now.  why wood i not be. she smile a Little and side can we hang out   for the rest of the day and study for the big quiz .  Yes and we got up and when to my car. wall we were in the car we did not talk at all. we arrived at my houis. we got out of the car and I say that Lexi was about to fall I ran over to her and.



well tristen get to her on time

thanks for reading i well make a new chapter tomorrow 

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