Haii guys cx This is mah first movella and...yea cx ima guy so dont JUDGE MAH!

This story is about Louis and a girl named Bertha...Louis has been terribly in love with beautiful Bertha for many years...but had to keep it a secret because he didnt want to ruin their will Louis fully endure his love for Bertha? Will she find out? Wat? Read onnnnn!!!


1. His Side...

"Hello?" said Louis as stepping into Bertha's Room..
"Oh hey Louis!" Bertha yelled in happiness
Oh my god she turns much more beautiful everyday..."umm...oh"d your date go?"
"Ohh yea...Harry...hes a pretty cool guy to be around...very FUN too."
"Ohh...thts...thts great." Said Louis sounding very deppressed...
"What happened? Is everything ok Louis?" 
"Oh yea yea sure eveythings alright Bertha. Im just...glad."
"Oh you wait Bertha!"
*As they run in Tag...Louis notices how beautiful and passionate Bertha is with shes been there woth him the good times...the hard...and the ones he meeds her the most...he has loved her for a long time..even seemed like an eternity to Louis...But he could never bring himself to tell her how much he just wanted to have call her hers...he had ti keep this a he wanted to remain friends with the lovely Bertha.

*End of FlashBACK*


"Louis?? LOUIIIIISSSS? Earth to Louis??!!!??" bertha deperately wanted to get Louis's attention

"ah Wat? Wat happen?" 

"You like fell asleep on me Louis! Am i really tht boring? ;)?"

No..your the most beautiful girl ive ever seen in my life...he wanted to say but insted he said "Ya cx nah just joking sis ! I love ya its just...i was rething old times you know...good times...

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