To Write Love on Her arms

Aspen is a girl who has the world at her feet. In school she's a cheer leader, hangs out with all the popular girls and always gets lucky enough to date the hottest boys in school. As for Dakota hipster wallflower he doesn't have many friends and doesn't go out that much and didn't have any chance at getting with one of the girls hottest girls in school...or so he thought. It all changed for both Aspen and Dakota when they went out on a date on Valentines Day and they both fall in love with each other.

Aspen thought she'd live happily ever after with Dakota and as we all know all good things come to an end. For Aspen, an abrupt out of the blue horrifying end. Dakota went missing, and then she lost herself. Aspen became depressed and started self harming. There was one problem...Aspen knew who out of anyone that would know where her love had gone off missing to. To bad they both hate each other.

Will Aspen ever find out what happened to Dakota and will she ever love again?


5. Breathe

        I wish we didn't have to be such a secret through our relationship. When I asked Aspen why, she said ' I just don't want any problems. Besides, I think it's pretty cute ' And I couldn't say anything after that. I was just happy to have her in my life. So whenever she got invited to a party I never asked her if I could come because I knew that the answer would be something like, 'Dakota, they're not your type of people. ' And they weren't and neither was she but we fit together perfectly. We were in sync with each other when it was just us, but when ever her friends would come up to us, she'd like go of my hand and act like I didn't exist.





         I was laying on Aspen's bed playing my guitar one of her favorite songs that I always cover The Moon by The Swell Season while Aspen was standing at her vanity making sure her makeup was perfect.  She turned around and looked at me while I sang.


           "Are you trying to make me stay home with you tonight?" Aspen asked flopping down on her bed next to me. Her hazel eyes held their stare with mine, and while hers are happy excited for the night to finally come mine are sad.


             "Well I'd like you too," I said.  She laid her head on my chest. I put my guitar on the side of her bed. "Why can't you just take me with you? Are you like..ashamed of me or something?" I asked. Her eyes went wide in shock.


              "I was never ashamed of's just the type of people I hang out with aren't your type of  people," she said with a sad face.


                "How do you know?" I said. She lost my eye contact with that statement. "It seems as though your embarrassed of me or something." 


                  "Then come with me then," She said pulling my hand so I could stand up. "Come on we gotta get going."  We get in the car and I drive her to the party. She gave me orders on which streets to turn down and which right to turn. 


                 "You've been to this party before?" I asked. 


                 "Yeah, Hannah always throws parties. I don't always go but I want to go with you," Aspen said placing a hand on my thigh as I turned down Pine street. "It's this house right here," Aspen said as I pulled into the long drive way with trees on each side of it. Giving it an enchanting type of look. That's when I started to realize that this is a real party. With real people  and real beer and real drugs and real hook ups and real fights. This is was nothing compared to what I'd call a party. Ten friends playing video games and if we were lucky someone would be kind enough to supply weed so everyone can get hungry and demolish the refrigerator.



             As we prolong the drive way I started  to see a lot of cars. There was so many people at this party how was I even going to keep up with my girlfriend with all these people here. I parked closest to the house. I walked to the other side of the car and opened the door for Aspen. Other girls were here at this party for sure and they were probably all pretty popular girls from either our school or other schools near by but I knew that my girlfriend Aspen was the most beautiful girl here. At least in my eyes. I held Aspen's small hand in mine and we walked into Hannah's house. That's when I knew that my girlfriend was...a idolized almost in a sense. When we walked in, people starred. Some even whispered things like, "she's with him?" The party continued though people came up to us...well more like Aspen but I got some attention. 


            We were had a decent time at the party. We danced, I guess you could say I made some new friends. I didn't see anyone from school that I hung out with. There was one girl though, a girl with bright red hair and tattoos who looked like I might've gotten along with but I didn't talk to her and didn't know her. The whole time I stayed sober though. I was having enough fun that I didn't have to enhance it with drugs or booze. But don't get me wrong, plenty of drunk people tried handing me wine coolers and I took them before they broke them over my head and handed them back to them the next time around.


            "You're Aspen's boyfriend?" I pretty girl with bright blue eyes asked. She was dressed trashy. A tiny little blue dress that exposed to much cleavage that number one she didn't even have and number two made her look like she was seeking attention.


            "Yeah, I'm Dakota," I said extending my hand. She looked at me like I had five heads. She finally took my hand in hers but tried to make me put it on her hips.


               "Come with me Dakota, I could give you a bet-ter time thennn Aspen," she said slurring her words. "Oh and b-b-by the wayy I'm Chloe." She says with a twited smile.


                 "I'm sorry, but I can't do that. I'm with Aspen, and you know that." I said nicely turning away from Chloe before the situation got worse. I kiss Aspen on her neck and whisper in her ear, "Aspen, this Chloe girl won't leave me alone. She's drunk and she wants to hook up." Aspen turned around and looked at me.


                   "Don't worry about it, happens all the time," and then she laid a blissful wet kiss on my lips. Her lips tasted like a wine cooler or something, it was like fruit punch with a kick of something strong. I jerked away from her lips and I took a good look at her. She smiled at me, to drunk to understand that I was upset. I starred at her hoping she'd snap out of it. "Can we talk...please outside?" 


                     "Alright lets go," Aspen said. I held her hand tight afraid she might slip through my fingers like sand. We walk out the front door and I see Chloe standing there with a boy who holds her by her waist. Her boyfriend or just a random hook up I don't know and I don't care to know. I take Aspen to the side of Hannah's house. "What is it Dakota?" Aspen asked with wide green eyes.


                      " Why are you drinking?" I asked her. She crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes.


                       "Why? Well that's what you do when you go to parties Dakota. I don't wake up with a hang over the next day. I just get tipsy. Why is that such a problem?" Aspen yelled.


                        " It's not a problem Aspen. I never said that it was. This just isn't like you...I'm not used to this," I said raising my voice. I felt my eyes tear up. I tried so hard to not to cry and it worked but I was just so upset that she thought I was attacking her or something. I didn't want to make her angry with me. I just wanted her to be happy. "I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings Aspen," I said tears leaked from my eyes and stained my pale cheeks.


                           "No, Dakota. You didn't hurt my feeling. I just like to have fun too and if that means letting me drink two or three wine cooler let me do that okay?" Aspen said her words entered my ears like a sweet melody. Aspen gathered me in her arms and kissed me on my neck. I loved when she did that. I ran my fingers through her hair. I opened my mouth to give her lips and tongue and open invitation. she accepts and kisses me with passion the way she always does so well. I opened my eyes to look at her and she looks so pretty when her eyes are closed. Then her eyes opened and she gave a shy giggle. We pulled away from each other and then her eyes became panicked. "Dakota we have to get out here," Aspen said scared. I looked at her confused on what just happened. I go to turn around and I realize now why she wanted to leave. Her ex boyfriend Tom was walking in our direction with, yup you guessed it Chloe. 


                            "Babe, I just have to get my purse it's inside," Aspen said. She kissed me. "Just get in the car I'll meet you there," She said. Then she ran into Hannah's house. I looked back at the house and I didn't see Aspen. Then I started walking towards my car. I didn't even look at Tom on my way to the car...but he stopped me anyway. 


                              "Hey, little hipster. Never thought I'd catch you here at one of Hannah's parties," Tom said looking at me with his blood shot eyes and beer breath. "Who are you here with?" he asked. I didn't know what to say. This guy had already messed with my girlfriend enough, and God forbid he found out she was dating me the 'little hipster' according to Tom and the rest of the world I know she's hear it from the school when we went back Monday. I swallow hard, pondering my mind for a good lie to tell.


                                "This little hipster is heerre witthh Asspen," Chloe said almost falling over. I was hoping she did fall but Tom helped her. I kept my composure and shrugged my shoulders and starred at him. All of a sudden an anger arose inside of me. I usually never get mad but now I was. Maybe it was because I was thinking of all the pain Tom has put her through.


                                 "Is that true?" Tom asked stepping closer to me. I took a deep breath.


                                   "I'm afraid so," I said and before I even knew it was coming Tom socked me so hard in my face that I slammed down onto the cold ground. I was knocked out, just caught off guard. I tried to stand up, but I was kicked to the floor right in my ribs. I clenched my sides. That took the wind out of me. Breathe, I reminded myself. I squeezed my eyes shut and then I felt someone leaning over me. I opened my eyes and it was Tom getting ready to drop another heavy fist on my face. I reached my right arm from underneath Tom and reached for Tom's neck. When I finally held it in my hands I squeezed it so hard. 


                                       I felt his body limp against mine, I pushed him off of me. I stood up and brushed the leaves off my pants and shirt. I looked around and there was a crowd of people. I tucked my hair behind my curls and when I swiped my hand across my face to move my hair it felt wet with rich crimson on my wrist. I placed my hands on my face to see where I was bleeding. My lip. He had busted my lip. Everyone was staring. It felt like I was a celebrity. Everyone had there mouths open. I wiped my lip that was gushing blood. I departed from the crowd. I listened to Tom choke. And then I seen her. Her pretty outfit that she'd worn to the party tarnished. She ran into my arms and I held her so tight. That's when I felt my ribs throbbing. I looked at her. She had scratches on her face. 


                                        "What happened?" I asked her already knowing the answer. She looked up her bright green eyes filled with tears.


                                         "Some girls jumped me when, when, when, " I hugged her tight. Why were they treating us like this. I kissed the top of her head as she wept in my arms. We stood under a willow tree that shaded the orange sky. The sun was going down and the party was kicked up to seven notches since we got there. There were ten times more cars then before. We got in the car and drove away.


                                            "This is exactly why, I didn't want you coming Dakota! I knew Tom was going to be there and that something was going to happen," Aspen screamed wiping tears away. I stopped the car and looked at her.


                                              "How could you even say that Aspen? If I wasn't there imagine what could've happened to you. You could've died...knocked out unconscious...I'd rather take the beating," I said.


                                              "What do you mean, I still got beat up."  Aspen said.



                                              "I know, but Tom beat me up...he could've put his hands on you if I wasn't there," I said. Aspen broke into tears I went into the back seat of my car. I grabbed her hands and pulled her back there with me. I laid down and she laid on top of me and I rubbed her back up and down slowly. We laid there in the back seat of my car for hours listening to each other breathe. I've never appreciated her this much. This is who she is at her lowest, a scared girl who's confused. I love her more than words could ever describe and explain. I want to tell her but it's too soon...or not that right time.


                                             "Dakota, make me feel beautiful." 


                                             With those words I jumped back in the front and drove to a special place. I took her to place we went on our first date on Valentines Day. Ten minuets before we get there I hand her the same bandanna from that night. This time she puts it on herself.  Then I park the car. I did the same as last time. I guide her the way to the spot. The creek is loud tonight, and the lights are on as they always are because it's in my back yard. "Wait, are we by the water?" Aspen asked hearing the creek.


                                               "Yup," I said removing her blind fold. I place my hands on her cheeks and dive into her mouth. I feel the cuts on her face from earlier and one of them was a bit deeper than the rest. It was still moist. My bottom lip was still swollen but she didn't seem to mind. My hands slid around her waist pulling her closer to me. I pulled away from her lips and I looked at her.


                                                 "Aspen, I don't think you understand how lucky I am to have you. You make my heart race every time I see you. I know we haven't been together for the longest time but I love you. You are the air I breathe, without you...I'd die."




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