To Write Love on Her arms

Aspen is a girl who has the world at her feet. In school she's a cheer leader, hangs out with all the popular girls and always gets lucky enough to date the hottest boys in school. As for Dakota hipster wallflower he doesn't have many friends and doesn't go out that much and didn't have any chance at getting with one of the girls hottest girls in school...or so he thought. It all changed for both Aspen and Dakota when they went out on a date on Valentines Day and they both fall in love with each other.

Aspen thought she'd live happily ever after with Dakota and as we all know all good things come to an end. For Aspen, an abrupt out of the blue horrifying end. Dakota went missing, and then she lost herself. Aspen became depressed and started self harming. There was one problem...Aspen knew who out of anyone that would know where her love had gone off missing to. To bad they both hate each other.

Will Aspen ever find out what happened to Dakota and will she ever love again?


2. Aspen

       Aspen was a breath of fresh air into my life. She was beautiful, and I admired her and everything she did was perfect to me. Even though she probably never knew I existed until that day she heard me playing the guitar and singing, we had classes together. I'd watch her as she'd talk with the other pretty popular girls and boys. Because of her I knew when ever our school was having a football game because she'd walk into English with her purple and white cheer leading sweater. I went to every football game with the intention of actually talking to her and ask her out on a date but she was always crowded with boys wanting a piece of her but she never let them. All but one anyway, Thomas Francis. They dated for a little bit. She wasn't happy with him at all, always ran out of class crying or walk into class while crying. I remember one day I was skipping class and I seen her and Tom talking...well more like screaming at each other.



       It was eighth period, but Harper asked me to skip with her. She was having a bad break up. I met up with her at the south gym. As I turned the corner I seen her leaning against the wall crying, because Josh broke with her yesterday night because 'things just didn't seem right.' 


      "Hey Harper," I said walking up to her with open arms. She ran into mine tears spilling over her face and on to my sweater. "Everything's okay, he was a douche bag anyway." Harper let out a shaky giggle. She finally let me go, and stared at me. Harper was beautiful, with big blue eyes and pastel blue hair. I called her pixie sometimes cause she was so small and cute, but now was not a time for jokes I shouldn't even said that he was a douche bag but I made her laugh so maybe I wasn't wrong for saying it.


      "Thanks for being here for me Dakota, really it means a lot." She manages a smile even though it doesn't look half as good on her if she hadn't been crying. I smile at her and tell her that that's what friends are for. We started walking around the school when we heard people yelling at each other.


           "Stop it! Stop trying to convince me that you're not sleeping with my best friend Tom seriously! I'm not fucking retarded you must really be dumb if you thought I was never going to find out." I heard someone scream. Harper looked at me and rolled her eyes. 


         "Perfect girl, fucked up boyfriend," Harper said shaking her head. "What a shame, at least Josh didn't cheat on me." she said. "But I kinda want to see what happens. Let's go be nosy!" Harper says pulling my hand in the direction of the argument. I stand in place without moving. "Come on."


          "That was mean of you to say, how do you know for sure if Josh didn't cheat on you." I said watching as Harper's mouth drops. "I mean he probably didn't but what if this guy didn't either and she's just wrongly accusing him." She didn't like that I said that at all. I usually piss her off but sometimes she's a real bitch for no reason. She doesn't even know what's going on between them so why is she talking about them?


          "Why would you even say that?" Harper said squinting her eyes and stepping closer to me. She grabs me by the collar of my sweater and pulls me closer to her, our faces almost touching. "You know how I am, I hate those bitches. I don't care about their story and whether their home lives are terrible and relationships are shitty because at the end of the day they still walk around like there shit don't stink and that they're better than everyone else which is why I hate them."  She says. She takes a deep breath and let out a shuddering cry. I held her tight I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She was hopeless and the only hope she had...was me. 


             "I'm sorry I know things are hard for you...I didn't mean for it to come off so harsh." I told her and she continued to weep in my arms.


           "Whatever just forget about me Tom! It's over between us, " The girl said. I watched as she walked down the hallway tears streaked down her face her mascara running. She glanced at Harper and I, and she smiled and said. "Treat her right or she'll end up like me." And she kept walking down the hall and out the doors. 


              Harper removed her face from my chest and looked at me in my eyes, "How about we ditch school and just chill out." She asked. I figured there was nothing I had to loose. We'd only be leaving one period early then when we usually leave. My mind couldn't stop thinking of Aspen. That was her name, I knew that cause I had English with her this period and I also have science with her. I stare into space trying to come up with ways to talk to her about what happened today. Yet again she's still a stranger and she thought that I was dating Harper.


            "Well?" Harper asked again. I shook my head out of my hopeless day dream I was having. She would never talk to me. I was an outsider that wasn't a sports star or a lead roll in the play. I was a no body who hung out with no bodies. I was no one of interest. Not good enough for her, because like Harper said she was perfect and I was not.


             "Yeah lets go," I said and just like Aspen, we walked down the hallway and left out the south entrance. We got into Harper's car and drove to, "Taco Bell, that's where we're going because I need something good in my life to replace Joshua and cheap tacos will do the trick," she said.


               We drove through Santa Barbra and got Taco Bell like Harper wanted and I paid for the both of us. We drove to the state park and ate our tacos in silence. Harper didn't even breath while she was eating them she was eating them so quick. "Tacos, aren't helping either," Harper said with a pout on her face.


               "If we go back I'll buy more," I offered. Harper started to cry. I leaned over the seat to give her a hug. 

              "I'm so lonely, I could cry." Harper said.


               "But you're already crying," I said. She closed her eyes and moved her lips closer to mine. I panicked so I brought up something that was on my mind. "Hey do you think I'd have a chance with Aspen?" Harper's eyes fluttered open and she looked confused. " I had this idea that since next week is the week of Valentines Day I'd send her an anonymous rose to tell her to meet her some where."


               "Oh..." Harper shakes her head. She manages a smile, "That would be really sweet of you, she'd be dumb not to accept."  



          That was the day when it all started. When I tried my hardest to talk to her. It was impossible to get her attention, but in the end she found me and left me where I was. All alone, missing her and hating her all at once and it takes my heart through the mud, but I don't care because I love her. I love her to the sun and make. She's perfect and still is regardless of the scars that cover her body. If I was still there I'd tell her that she was to beautiful to be doing that to herself. But then I remember what Harper told me that night when I decided to disappear. It broke my heart and for that...I hate her.

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