Missing Shadowseeker

17 year-old Elise Jackson is attacked one night on the way home leaving her injured and unconscious. When the handsome Alex Godfrey saves her she doesn't realise that he has broken the law of the Shadowseeker world which results in death.


1. Missing Shadowseeker

I felt there was something wrong, the minute I turned the corner, into the dark unlit streets of London. It was bad enough to be out, late at night, with a group of friends but it was worse, a lot worse for a seventeen year-old to be out alone wandering the deserted streets of the capital city, lost.

I had decided to take a ‘shortcut’ home, which somehow turned into a dead end and left me stranded, having no idea where I had come from and where I was supposed to be going.

It was then that I had heard the noise.

It was very faint at first but gradually started getting louder and closer until I felt something creeping up at which point I had started running. I turned round to look to see if I was still being followed, only to have something jump out at me, the force of it causing me to fall onto the cold, hard, cobbled floor. A heavy weight landed on top of me, stopping me from moving and blocking my supply of oxygen.

The creature was big with large paws that were designed with five sharp, predatory claws, with its small, red eyes watching me, hungrily.  It was more of a demon than an animal; I hadn’t seen anything like it before. The monster raised its claws ready to strike; I struggled to free myself, finding it hard with its weight pressing down, hard on me until my breaths got shorter and shorter. In those last seconds of consciousness I felt I heard a boy’s voice but then I had long escaped into the peaceful world of unconsciousness and away from this nightmarish world with its dangerous creatures.

I awoke with a start, it was still dark but there was no creature to be seen. For a moment I thought I’d dreamed the whole thing but I felt pain on my leg and I looked down to find a big scratch mark that matched the claws of the monster.

‘You’re awake!’ exclaimed a voice.

I looked up to find a boy standing a few metres away from me. He turned and started to walk up towards me. He looked around nineteen and was strikingly handsome. His sleek, blonde hair was tousled back to perfection; his eyes were of the deepest blue with a tint of green, reminding me of the ocean.

‘I’m Alex. Alex Godfrey,’ he offered his hand. I shook it, hesitantly which I’m sure he noticed.

He smiled. He had a structured face with sharp features, high cheekbones and a defined jaw with a little stubble running alongside it. His lips were neither small nor full and were rose in colour. He was an image of perfection. I had a hard time concentrating and trying not to stare at him like a fool.

I guess he was waiting for me to speak and introduce myself but I couldn’t find my voice and just looked up at him.

H e raised his hand and ran it through his hair, nervously.

‘Well, I was just passing by and happened to find you here. You must have tripped up and fallen. You’re leg is in pretty bad shape.’

‘No,’ I said.

‘No?’ he asked, still smiling.

‘No, I didn’t trip. Something attacked me,’ I said to him.

His smile faltered, it seemed as if he knew something.

‘You hit your head pretty hard, you might have been seeing things or dreaming,’ he said matter-of-factly, no longer smiling.

‘No, I did see it. It was a big animal, looked more like a demon. I haven’t seen anything like it before. It came up from behind me and fell on top of me and was about to attack me. That’s the last thing I remember before I blacked out.' I said.

 He shook his head and leant down until he was right in front of me. He lifted my hand and held it in his. My skin had ripped in some places because of the fall. He rubbed it with his gentle, soft hands and then looked up at me. I held my breath, realising how close our faces were.

‘You’re beautiful’ he whispered.

I looked down embarrassed, feeling my cheek heating up which I hated. He laughed.

‘I should probably get you home. It’s not safe.’ Alex said.

I started to get up only to fall back again as pain shot through my injured leg. The next thing I knew, Alex had scooped me up in my arms effortlessly; there was no point in objecting as I was in no shape to walk though the closeness was very nerving.

‘You never said what your name was.’ He said, starting to walk.

‘Elise. Elise Jackson.’ I answered.

‘Elise, well it’s nice to meet you.’ He said smiling.

Someone started clapping.

‘Well, aren’t introductions sweet?’ a voice said sarcastically.

Alex stopped in his tracks and his whole body tensed. His muscle in his jaw stretched and I could feel anger he had for the new voice in every part of his body. He turned. A man in his early twenties stood in my original place. He was strikingly similar to Alex, if it wasn’t for the red hair he could’ve been mistake for Alex.

‘Brother, why don’t you introduce me to the pretty girl?’ he asked his eyes glazing over me.

‘She’s nobody. I’m taking her home.’ He said matter-of-factly.

‘I’m Carter. Carter Godfrey’ he interrupted, his eyes settling on me, smiling, though his menacing smile was totally opposite to Alex’s friendly smile.

He turned his eyes to Alex and said ‘If any girl is deserving of that smile of yours then she is somebody. Not to mention you risked your life stepping in front of her. The law do not allow you to endanger your life for a mere human.’

‘So it’s true, I was attacked! I saw it, I wasn’t dreaming!’ I said accusingly looking up at Alex.

‘Ha! She knows! Well this isn’t good. She’ll need to be taken to Abram to see if she’s a threat.’ Carter said.

I felt Alex’s shoulders sag as if he had admitted defeat. My heart started racing and I’m sure Alex felt it as I realised I was in trouble.

‘Elise, I’ll need to take you to our home. But it’ll be quick, there’s nothing to worry about. I promise to keep you safe.’ He said. His tone was comforting though his eyes told a different story.



I’d fallen asleep in Alex’s arms. The bright light of the house we entered had woke me up. The house was huge with a huge staircase in the middle separating in two directions as you went up. W e entered into a huge room. Its walls were white and the decorations were antique and all of a pale beige colour. The floor was made up of marble and there were chairs situated against the walls along the whole length of the massive room. There was a throne-like chair situated near the front that was occupied by a man in his sixties. As we entered he stood and greeted the brothers.

Carter hadn’t waited, he started talking straight away, pointing at me.

‘This human girl is a threat. She knows about us and the demons.’

The man, who I assumed was Abram, spoke.

‘Bring the girl. Let her walk herself’ he said, realising Alex was holding me. He carefully slid me down onto the floor, holding onto me a few seconds longer than he should have that attracted looks from both Carter and Abram.

‘Tell me what happened.’ Abram ordered.

I told him the truth. I was weak, fatigued and in pain and I had no energy to work my brain to conjure up a story.  I stood quietly as I awaited his judgement.

‘She must be killed. Our occupation and the demonic world cannot at any cost be exposed to the human world.’ Abram said matter-of-factly.

‘But what if she promises to keep quiet, Abram?’ Alex asked anxiously.

‘Humans are not held to their promises like us. There are no consequences for them. She could break her promise.’ Carter suggested.

‘You can’t do that! We spend our whole lives killing demons to rid them of the human world so they are no threat to them, yet here we are killing an innocent soul!’ Alex shouted.

At that point a girl around my age walked in. She was very beautiful just like the brothers. She looked at me and smiled, excitedly.

‘Who’s this? A new Shadowseeker?’ She asked.

‘A human has been brought to us and she knows about our world. The rules say she is to be killed however Alexander objects. What do you propose dear Caitlin?’ Abram said.

‘How? You do know Alex we’re not meant to talk to human about our profession.’

‘Kate I didn’t. She was nearly attacked by a demon, I killed it.’ Alex answered.

Even though I had known this guy for a few moments, he had stood up for me against his own blood. I didn’t know why but I was very thankful for it. He continued fighting to keep me safe.

‘A mere human cannot see demons though.’ Caitlin said.

‘Where did you hear that?’ Carted asked her.

‘We learnt it in class yesterday. You never listen do you?!’ she joked.

‘So Elise is not human?’ He asked further.

Abram meanwhile had picked up an ancient-looking book from a desk nearby. He looked up at me, holding the book up.

‘What’s your surname?’ he enquired.

‘Jackson. Elise Jackson’ I answered nervously.

He gasped.

‘What is it?’ Alex questioned.

‘She’s the lost Shadowseeker, the one that has been missing for several years.’ He turned the book around and there was a picture of a small girl, strikingly similar to me. I looked closely at it and realised I had the same picture back at home with me.

Caitlin ran up to me and hugged me.

‘Welcome to the Shadowseeker world, I’m Caitlin!’ She looked down at my clothes. ‘Now we need to fix you an outfit to wear and I have a whole wardrobe of clothes for you to try on!’

I looked at her nervously. Alex laughed, I looked up and he was smiling his eyes full of happiness. He walked towards us.

‘Just be easy on her, she’s fragile!’ he said as he ruffled my hair.

I turned and surprisingly, hugged him.

He looked a bit startled at first but then he enveloped me with his warm arms and kissed my hair so lightly that no one else noticed.

‘Did I say you were beautiful?’ he whispered in my ear.

I smiled. 'Yes you did.'

I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into but I knew there were people here that cared about me. I was going to take it a step at a time and I knew what I was going to spend my whole evening doing the way Caitlin was looking at me excitedly.

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