if all my dreams came true

when savannah tera destiny is found all by herself, which one of her five friends will take her in, or will she stay alone, with only her cat to comfort her at home, she has to face bullies, teachers, cyber bullies, and threats by celebrities for no reason, how will she live, will she fall in love, will everyone and everything she cares about be destroyed, and only from her communicating or being around them, find out, please read


1. signs

i open my eyes to the sunlight bursting through my black curtains, i lazily get up and get dressed, i check the alarm clock on the side of my bed, its almost eight, the bus comes at eight, i put on my convers and my backpack and run outside just as the bus gets there, i sit in the very back and stare out the window, thinking of my unmade breakfast somewhere in the kitchen

so to introduce myself, i am savannah tera destiny, i am fourteen years old and i live alone in a small one story house, the only reason i can afford it is from my dads and grandpas social security money, i can pay for a phone and a house, i save my money from my babysitting job for food and clothes, i babysit for rich people, so i get a lot of money for five hours of watching over little kids, and sometimes irresponsible teenagers older than me, and i have my ways of making them listen, i have long brown hair, changing color (mainly a shade of steel blue) eyes, and i am under weight, so i am easy to push around and bully, and i only have five friends, and all of them are eighth boys, and while i am an eighth grade girl, they are much bigger than i am

"hey savannah" kyle and shane say to me

"hey guys" i knuckle bump both of the twins, ever since i came here and got bullied for the first time the twins took me in first, they became my first friends, then hey got me used to Daniel, andrew and oliver, they all protect me when they can, but none of them have any of my classes, so during class im on my own

"you didn't eat did you" shane says sitting next to me, they get on either side of me and make me squished like crazy

"no, i got up at eight fifty, i didn't have time, ill wait for lunch" i say pulling out my phone

"wanna sleep over at our house tonight, were havin the rest of the boys over" kyle asks me

"sure, i have nothing better to do besides stare at the ceiling" they laugh and oliver gets on the bus with a few other kids

"hey guys" he sits down in front of us, hid black hair like a little messy dome with uneven ends and his glasses dirty

"you are as messy as yesterday" shane says and puts his arm on the back of the seat to make more room for me

"yeah i know, poke" he pokes me in the ribs several times

"that really gets annoying" i say wrapping my arms around myself

"awe, is someone mad" kyle puts his arm around me and rubs my head really fast with his knuckles

"hey, stop it, it took me forever to make my hair stay down this morning" i pout and brush it, i put it in a messy bun and leave it

"cute" shane says and oliver laughs

"don't call me that yo know i don't like it" i smile which makes kyle and shane move closer to me, squishing me even more

"doesn't that hurt" oliver asks sitting in front of us, falling backwards when the bus stops to pick up andrew and his little sister, i am an idol to his sister, she absolutely adores me for some reason

"yes" i say and they laugh, andrew sits on top of us, which makes it worse cause most of his weight is on me

"get your big butt off of us" kyle says, pushing on Andrews back, since kyle is next to the window, he is in worse condition than me, but he doesn't admit it

"but its comfortable" andrew says putting his arm around kyles neck

"let him stay, this is a good picture for Facebook" shane says snapping a pic on his phone

"yeah, that's awesome" oliver says and the bus gets moving again

"i know right, look, its already got a thousand likes" he shows me

"oh my gosh" i say and he shows oliver

"dude, that's cool" oliver says as andrew kicks shane in the balls trying to get comfortable

"sorry shane" shane nods holding his balls, i laugh, im glad im not a boy

"hey, you got these things girl, what if i punched you in the boob" shane says and slaps my left breast

"shane" i yell and slap him hard

"sorry, you laughed at me" he laughs and oliver cracks up

"that's no way to treat a girl shane" andrew says and pats my leg, i laugh as the bus driver drives on a curb and i hit my head

"i hate this bus driver" shane says sitting up

"i hate the bus" i say as we pull up to the school

"oh yeah, im with savannah" andrew says

"come on, lets go" oliver says racing off of the bus

"wait up" shane says following him, i run behind me, kyle is behind me, and andrew is last, when i go in alone to get a drink, they go to the basketball court to shoot with some of their other friends, i had just walked in when someone pushes me hard and i fall

"hey, don't give us STDs' freak" the main bully to me tyler starts kicking me in the stomach

"stop it, just leave me alone" i say as sam pulls me by my arm to my feet

"why, you afraid to die" he punches me in the side of the head in front of my ear

"why cant you pick on someone else, why am i so fun to torture" i ask helplessly, an underweight fourteen year old girl against three muscular fourteen year old boys

"because you cant fight back" tyler says and kicks me in the side

"aahhh" i fall to the ground, he kicks me in the chest and my heart skips a beat

"look, she cant even stand up" the three of them laugh

"savannah" i hear Andrews voice and several pairs of feet coming towards me

"just leave her alone, she has nothing you want" shane says as he pulls me to my feet

"yeah, yeah, your right, i have no reason to beat her helpless every chance i get, but its fun" he smiles and walks away

"savannah, are you ok" oliver asks, i shake my head, they take me to an empty hallway and sit on the ground with me

"i feel horrible, causing you guys so much trouble helping me all the time" i cry into my knees against my chest

"no, we want to help you, your our friend, and we are not going to let that happen to you, we care for you" shane says putting his arm around me, they group hug me then start to tickle me

"no, stop" i say laughing, they stop and help me up

"you good now" andrew says putting his hand on my arm, it feels so warm on my cold skin

"yeah" i say and fake smile

"whats wrong now" kyle asks and they all look at me

"what" i say confused

"that wasn't your natural smile savannah" shane says, "so whats going on" before i could answer the bell rings

"tell us at lunch, ok" he says starting to walk away

"ok" i say and walk to my first class down the hall, and see something terrifying in the seat next to mine

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