if all my dreams came true

when savannah tera destiny is found all by herself, which one of her five friends will take her in, or will she stay alone, with only her cat to comfort her at home, she has to face bullies, teachers, cyber bullies, and threats by celebrities for no reason, how will she live, will she fall in love, will everyone and everything she cares about be destroyed, and only from her communicating or being around them, find out, please read


3. new friend

savannahs POV


after i got stuck in the classroom with Vanessa we started talking, and she is just like me, she lives alone, she has five best friends, and she can never do anything right

"so you have someone special in thought" i ask her, she blushes

"i have a thing for shane, but i doubt you know him" she says and my heart stops

"are you kidding me, he is my best friend, im going to his house tonight" i say, "im sure they wont mind if i bring you along, as soon as we get out of here" i say and walk over to the door, i open it and peek my head out, no sign of the snake, so i walk completely, still no sign, i motion for her to follow, she quietly comes up behind me, we walk through the hallway, school is almost over, so we start walking silently through the hall, when we reach the office to tell them where we were a man was in there with a backpack of snake skin, i jump, when he looks at me his eyes are the same color as the snakes, apparently Vanessa is my neighbor, and so is the new guy, they ride my bus, when the bell rings i dart out of there with Vanessa in arms length, we run to the bus and get the back seat with Vanessa, shane and andrew get on, shane sits next to m and Vanessa blushes

"who is this" shane says

"oh, this is Vanessa, my new friend while we were locked in a classroom" i say, Vanessa waves

"is she part of our group now" shane asks

"i guess" i say

"group hug" shane and andrew hug us, Daniel oliver and kyle join in and Vanessa and i are crushed

"stop it" i finally say

"fine" andrew says and they back off

"you know Vanessa, i think we are the right friends for you" kyle  says patting her shoulder

"and why is that" she says

"entertainment, you'll never get bored around us" he says, kinda yelling and standing up, she looks at me

"its true, i cant remember  moment when i was bored around them" i say, she laughs and shane leans on me, his head on my shoulder, i pat it and he whines

"shut up" i say and slap him, , he slaps my leg too close

"shane" i yell and slap him hard

"i love you" he says timidly

"awe, i love you too" we hug and make up

"yay" he says and kisses me on the cheek, Vanessa laughs

"hug me" shane pulls Vanessa in the hug, then kyle, oliver, andrew, then Daniel, we all manage to fit in the seat, shane on my lap, kyle on Vanessa, andrew on oliver, and Daniel on all of us, the bus driver doesn't care, when we get off we all hurt, i walk home with Vanessa, shane invited her to the sleepover tonight, she said yes, i would help her get ready, so i got my homework done and went straight to her house, her older brother lived with her, so i ran into him on the way to her room with her

"who is this" he says flirtatiously

"im savannah" i say back, playing along, i knew he was messing around, he started laughing

"your good, don't bring home weirdoes" he says

"you haven't seen the insane side of me" i say and walk into Vanessa's room and hear mike(her brother) laughing

"ok, time to get to work" i say, i do her hair, just in a ponytail, and slight make up, even though i don't wear it im good with applying it, when she looks at herself she loves it, her black hair falling perfectly o her back, the purple eye shadow complementing her caramel brown eyes

"omg, i love it, are you gonna put any on" she asks

"do you wanna do it" i ask, she nods and i sit down, she works on my hair first she pulls back some hair from both sides of my head and puts it in a ponytail, leaving the rest alone, she puts blush on me, and eye shadow, when i look at myself i look amazing, i have golden eye shadow and light pink blush, we grab our stuff and have mike drop us off at shanes, when we get there oliver is there, they come and hug us, complimenting us, we help set up for a night of fun while we wait on danny and andrew, kyle is upstairs, so i go up there and give him a make over with the make up i brought, when he sees him self his face resembles a girls, i even put a wig on him

"omg, im getting a picture" i say snapping one on my phone, go down there and show them

we walk downstairs and danny and andrew had just arrived they all burst into laughter, shane falls on the floor, kyle runs upstairs, i help him get the make up off, and we go back downstairs, we watch movies til midnight, Vanessa in shanes arms most of the time, , and andrew kept coming closer and closer to me, eventually he put his arm around me, i leaned on hi, his arm tightening around my shoulders, then we built a fort that took up the whole living room, we don't sleep through the night, we drink coffee, eat snacks, and mess around, we have pillow fights, and Vanessa and i had to do a makeover on one of the boys to make them look like monsters, we were both in art, and good at it too, i did shane as zombie, and Vanessa did andrew as a vampire, i won, he looked like such a creeper, he even picked me up and ran off with me and pretended to eat me like in the walking dead

"stop it shane" i say as the others find us in the fort

"but im eating you" he simply says, this is awesome, we stay up the rest of the night telling scary stories in a dark room with a flashlight

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