His Red Eyes

I push her up against the wall ignoring her whimpers. I glaze my fangs up and down her neck as my curls tickle her. She yells to me, "What are you doing Harry? What are you? This isn't you." She whispers the last part. I move my head to look into her eyes as mine turn red. Her eyes widen as she whispers in disbelief, "Your eyes. There red." I chuckle against her neck and whisper, "This might hurt." She screams loud. I cover her mouth quickly and whisper,"Your mine, forever."


14. 13

Harry's P.O.V.

"Brooke!" I keep running, not hearing her, or smelling her scent. This isn't good. Not at all. I keep running yelling and yelling. I look over and see Liam. I grit my teeth looking at him, "DO you know where she is?"

"No, but even if I do I wouldn't tell you.", Liam sneers. 

I scoff, "Do you know what an ultimate vampire could do? Brooke could help you."

"We don't know that. She hasn't chosen evil or good yet."

"Do you know where she is or not?" I ask again. 

He smirks, "Zayn has her."

"Why would Zayn have her?" I say anger boiling in my body.

He chuckles, "Zayn has a fond of her, if she starts to feel for him then you will lose her scent, slowly until you completely lost her. Its worse then death isn't it? Watching your one true love with someone else?"

"No Brooke would never do that to me."

"Well she didn't think you would give her to Ed, send her away. Face it Harry she hates you.", He spats out the words to me. The words hitting me like knifes. 

I couldn't take his harsh words much longer. I run to him grabbing his neck tightly, squeezing it roughly before I hiss in his face, "Where is Zayn?"

Liam just smirks and I let my grip go slightly so he could talk, "Check Zayn's place." I grab his neck harshly against throwing him against a tree. I turn and run towards Zayn's place. I walk quietly to the window seeing Brooke wrapped in a blanket as Zayn is beside her, talking and smiling. My anger grows in my body as I see him put his hand on top of hers. I run to the door kicking it open. 

"Harry! What the hell?", Brooke yells as she gets up from the couch.

I gulp back the bitter taste in my mouth,"Lets go now." My voice is harsh and stern.

She shakes her head, "This is what you wanted Harry. Now leave." I never saw how strong Brooke is. I'm so stupid trying to send her away.

"Brooke listen Zayn, Liam, and Scott all want you dead! Do you really want to stay at one of their houses?", I practically yell at her.

She fights back tears, "I chose Harry. I'm good. They aren't going to kill me. I'm safe with them and they want me. They have plans about how to keep people safe from the other dimensions. I know everything Harry. I know who Ed is. What he does to female vampires is sickening. You did it to my sister. I want you to leave.", A few tears run down her beautiful face. I go up to her to wipe them but she moves her head and stretches her hand toward me making me fly out the door because of the force. She goes to close the door but before she does she whispers, "Goodbye Harry."


Team Brorry or team Zooke?


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