The Bright Single Ones

[My entry for the '24 hours in the City of Bones' competition.]

The bond between brothers and sisters is said to be stronger than anything but what happens when that bond is tested to the extreme?

When twins Alexandra Furud and Seth Furud are torn apart because of Alexandra's black eyes, they never thought that the only way that they would be reunited is when one of them turns away from their enchanter blood and sells their soul to the demons as a means of escape, leading to a life on the run for both twins.


2. One Blue. One Purple.

Seth sat up rapidly in the bed of his hotel room, his forehead plastered with little droplets of sweat and his grey shirt clinging to the skin of his back and chest. Without caring to check for his laptop that was usually left open besides him as he slept, Seth hastily slid from the single bed and into the miniature en-suite bathroom, pulling on the chain that clicked on the rickety light bulb above as his fingers explored the expanse of his face, searching for anything that he could put a blame to the searing pain beneath his right eye.

To his astonishment, the space beneath his eye with the purple iris was absolutely clear of any damage, similarly the skin beneath his blue eye was just as clear. Shaking his head, Seth flipped the tap on, dampening his hands as he ran them through his black hair before making to leave the bathroom. It wasn’t until his fingers grasped the cord of the light that he halted dead in his tracks and took a cautious glance at his pale features in the mirror. “It can’t be…” Retreating from the large mirror, he sought out the laptop that was most likely hidden beneath the worn blanket.

It didn’t take him long to recover his only piece of technology and click open a word document that contained various dates and notes. Scanning the large document, Seth’s organisational skills aided him greatly as he was soon reading an entry that he had typed up little over 9 months ago.






Wound: above the heart.

Blood: black.

Healing time: 6 hours.

Sightings: First since escape.


Additional notes: the bond between both me and my twin sister has been proven to still remain vitally strong despite the separation between her body and soul. Indications that some parts of her being still hold loyalty to the enchanters. Black blood suggests her body is still adjusting to the new demonic form it has chosen to shape into, transferring some pain into any mental connections she once possessed. Brought on by close proximity with an enchanter?

(See notes on the bond of the bright single ones)


Seth stared at the screen incredulously, eyes roaming over his own words repetitively before he finally pushed the screen down and turned to the lone window in his rented room. Pushing back the curtains, he looked over the dockyard outside of the hotel.

Upon arriving in the city, his priority wasn’t picturesque views from his bedroom but, as he looked across the ocean, watching as the ferry’s passengers disembarked their vessel and made about their morning business, Seth was extremely thankful to the elderly woman who had chosen out this particular room for him the night before. Hands fumbling with the stiff lock on the window, Seth shot a quick burst of light at the rusted metal that kept the window kept firmly in place, the light sending the window shooting open just wide enough for him to duck his head out into the ocean air, enhancing his view ever so slightly as a gleaming object flew through the air and smashed into the glass of one of the ferry’s windows.

Seth wasted no more precious time as he slunk back through the window and stared intently at the ferry, both his purple and blue eye widening as their individual colours overpowered the entire space of his eye sockets, a burning light seeping from them and out into the dimly lit room. His fists clenching, a yell broke free from Seth’s lips as the light engulfed both him and his vision, the chaos of the ferry disappearing into the depths of the white light as he focused on that one single point on the top of the ferry.


The screaming had ceased; Seth had successfully transported himself. Cautiously, he peeled his eyes open, their colours now only showing in his irises once more, all signs of the white light that had transported him gone. It took his eyes a few moments to adjust to the sudden change in brightness from his new post but Seth knew that he had landed in the correct spot simply from the swaying of the vessel beneath his feet as it gently rose and sunk over the mild waves beneath its great mass.

Glancing down over the side of the vessel, it was obvious where the flying object had struck the ship as a gleaming pile of shattered glass rested not two decks below Seth’s feet. He swiftly fell to his knees to not draw even more attention to the ferry as he followed the invisible trail that the object had left as it shot through the air with his hand, raising his hand up at each building before him before he finally landed on a building that provided enough height to hide the culprit of this act of vandalism. As if to confirm his theories, a rise of black smoke rose from the rooftop of Seth’s chosen building before abruptly dispersing into the air revealing a wide eyed girl, staring dumbly at the sky above her.

Carefully rising, Seth found himself gulping back a gasp as he looked upon Alexandra for the first time since the enchanters stole her from their home all those years ago; back when he refused to believe that he had grown up with something as evil as the black eyed demon standing up on the rooftop in front of him. Back before he lost his sister.

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