Love Me Still?

Audri Monroe has been through alot. She has broken a heart or two, lost her mom even her best friend.Even gotten pregnant! So she leaves only keeping in contact with Liam. What happens when she returns years later? Will Niall still love her? Will it be the happy reunion she hoped for?

( just a little note to say, Sorry this was abandoned for a while, but im back and Im now doing this alone because Brianna deleted her account so please be patient with me)


20. We all need to know


Audri's pov;

I sat staring out the window of the restaurant, thinking about how to get Niall to do this test and Louis so we could send it of today. Niall and Caroline where getting the drinks and I guess I got a little lost in my thoughts because before I knew it Carolines little hand had slipped into mine and Niall was staring at me with a worried look across the table. "are you okay?" He asked softly reaching over to take my hand, my eyes widened and I instantly pulled my hand away looking to Caroline. What was he thinking, it was just a kiss we cant act like that, not if it wasn't going to last. Caroline came first I cant give her false hope of having him around not when he could so easily leave, especially if she turned out to be Louis's. He hesitated before pulling his hand away smiling a little."okay then" he mumbled looking down at the table. Caroline frowned and got up. "mummy im going to the toilet" She told me folding her arms. I looked at her nodding. "Okay do you want me to come?" I asked her unsure of the look she was giving me, she quickly shook her head and smiled walking off slowly. 

"So..what was that? Is it about uhm earlier?" Niall asked quickly. I swallowed and shrugged. "Kind of, I just don't want Caroline to find out until we know more, It was just a kiss" I told him sternly looking down into my bag. I pulled the test out sliding it across the table. "Can you do this please before she gets back. I think we all need to know sooner than later" I stated before picking up my drink aware of the odd look the couple on the table next to us was giving us. Niall picked up the box reading the back and then looked at me. "Right yeah okay" he sounded unsure and I didn't know why. Opening the box he sighed and pulled out a little packet and ran a swob round the inside of his mouth and then put it in a sealed packet and into along with a small hair and then sealed it. He slid it into the envelope then back in the box passing it to me. "So if she isn't mine- " He frowned as I looked up trying to work out what he was going to say. "can I still spend a lot of time with her ?" I smiled and nodded. "Of course Niall Im not going to take her out of your life no matter whos she is" . I quickly took the test putting it back in my bag as the food was placed down and Caroline came walking back taking her seat. "This looks so yummy" she squealed excited. 

I laughed and watched them talking and eating and got lost in thinking again, I thought about when I first met Niall. Then the day I left, Then the first time I saw him again and finally the kiss. There was something about him I just couldn't forget, I couldn't resist. I needed him, Caroline needed him. Maybe this could be the beginning of a great story, maybe this story could have a happy ending. I just had to pray that Caroline wasn't louis's. Niall wouldn't want me then.




Authors note;

I am so sorry that this has taken so many months to finally get a new chapter, Im just so stuck on whos child she should actually be. Now that I am finishing this alone its a lot harder because we always had two opinions on everything. Now I have two different ways I can take this story and only my own opinion to go on and hope that you all like the way I choose.  So if you are still reading which if you are thats a miracle and THANK YOU SO MUCH can you please let me know if you want this to go ;


2. Happy/ romantic/fairytale ending 

~ Kat x

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