Love Me Still?

Audri Monroe has been through alot. She has broken a heart or two, lost her mom even her best friend.Even gotten pregnant! So she leaves only keeping in contact with Liam. What happens when she returns years later? Will Niall still love her? Will it be the happy reunion she hoped for?

( just a little note to say, Sorry this was abandoned for a while, but im back and Im now doing this alone because Brianna deleted her account so please be patient with me)


6. The guys bond with Caroline

Audri's. Pov;   Caroline's eyes widened and she gave an excited shriek before looking at me. "really mummy" she whispered as the boys started laughing. I pulled her onto my lap kissing her head. "I love you" I tell her as she smiles up at me.   "come on then Princess we have a surprise for you downstairs" Niall chirps walking round and lifting her off my lap and into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he kissed her on the cheek. My smile grew watching them together and Liam coughed pulling me out of it. I looked to the rest of the guys. Harry stood staring at me with his eyebrows raised and I jumped out of bed. Louis followed Niall with Caroline  and Zayn downstairs and Left Harry, Liam and Zoey in my room.   "well..I need to get changed so I'll see you all down their in a minute" I told them as Harry nodded and rushed out of the room shouting Caroline's name. Zoey smiled at me and then followed Harry out.  Liam didn't move he stood staring at me. "if you don't want to get caught out need to stop staring, I'm pretty sure Harry has guessed already" He told me putting his hand out, I took it and he pulled me into a hug.   "I've missed you so much, please don't leave again" he whispered I stepped back and looked down at the floor. "I've missed you to Liam, but my life is in Hawaii now..I don't know how long I can stay" I told him. I looked up seeing tears in his eyes. "but you can't tell them that Caroline is theirs and then take her away" He mumbled closing the door with his foot. I sighed sitting on the bed. Then gave him a confused look.   "you mean said theirs" I questioned. He bit his lip and rubbed his face with his hand. " you know which" he asked. I closed my eyes shaking my head and then stood up.   "listen I don't even know if I'm going to tell them at all..I just wanted her to see this place to meet you i need to get dressed, I'll see you down their, make sure they aren't over feeding her sweets" I tell him as he laughed and nodded turning around and walking out.   Nialls pov;   I'd brought Caroline down and placed her on the breakfast bar stool. "wow" she gasped. She eyes the amount of food we had placed along the breakfast table. Louis ran in swooping her up in his arms and I laughed at her cute little giggle.  "louiiiii I'm hungry" she whined. He stopped and looked over at me, and then down at Caroline, but smiled. "tough I want a cuddle from my munchkin" he told her as she put her arms round him. I used the fork and put some pancake on it and then walked round to the back of Louis. "shh" I whispered to Caroline as I feed her the pancake, and Louis pretended not to notice.   "look at use guys are so soft" Harry said laughing standing in the doorway. Louis put Caroline down and whispered something in her ear. She ran over to Harry and hugged his leg. We watched as he looked down at her and he smiled down at her. He bent down and she gave him a proper hug. "what are we doing today?" she asked him as he ruffled her hair.   "well where going to get you dressed and then take you out wherever you want" he told her picking her up and standing up. He walked over to the food table. He sat her down and helped her cut up the rest of her pancake. "can you feed me she asked" looking up and pleading him by batting her eyelids. He laughed and sighed. We watched as he fed her and she kept glancing at us. Louis quickly snapped a picture and tweeted it.   @Louis_Tomlinson @Nialloffical  Who's soft now Hazza? @Harry_Styles.   We both started laughing as I retweeted it. "what's going on?" we looked up seeing Audri standing at the door in her jeans and a short t-shirt. I couldn't stop my eyes from looking the whole way down her body and then up into her eyes. She was looking straight at me and I felt my heart melt. How can she be gone for so long..yet it doesn't feel like a day has gone past when I see her now?   Audri's pov;   I stood in the door way, Harry was feeding Caroline and Louis and Niall was laughing. It felt good to see and I didn't want to ruin the moment, the others were sitting on the sofa watching telly or on their phones.   "what's going on?" I asked as the boys attention snap to me and I see Niall look me up and down and then blush a bit as he stares into my eyes.  "is that what your coming out in?" Harry asked as I frowned at him.   "I'm you not approve of my style, styles?" I ask as he laughs and leaves Louis feeding Caroline. He pulls me into a hug, which shocks me.   "I'm sorry I've been a bit hard on you since you got back, we're glad you have come home" he whispers before pulling away. My heart beats and I feel guilty..I don't want to tell him I'm going to leave again at some be honest I don't want to go.   "let's go shopping first! We can get Caroline lots of cute clothes" Zoey announces as the boys all jump up . They grab something to eat and then Louis and Zoey run off upstairs with Caroline to get her dressed.    I stand their looking around. "someone's stole my baby" I told them as they all started laughing. I went and sat next to Liam.  "guys you don't have to do all this you know" I tell them as Harry scoffed at me. "of course we do! She's family and we've missed her other birthdays were making up for it " he whisper to me sitting down next to me.    "what do you mean..she's family?" I asked shocked as he smirked at me and ate a bit of his toast. "you seriously expect me to believe she's Fins?" he whispered again as I ignored what He said and got up. I went to find what they where dressing my little girl up in.   I got to the stairs and Caroline came running down. "shopping shopping shopping" she was screaming. "okay calm much sugar have you fed her already?" I asked Louis who was running down behind her. "not a lot..shes just a very hyper me" he told me running into the front room with her.   My mind raced..this is so confusing..she eats as much as Niall does, she looks a little like him but mostly like me, she acts like Louis. I sat down on the stairs and Zoey sat beside me.    "hey. When we get home your telling me everything and what's wrong, but now you need to fake a smile. For your daughter and the paps" she told me putting her arm round me as I wiped my eyes and forced a smile in my face. "that's better" she chirped pulling me to my feet.    "let's make this the best birthday for Caroline" she told me. I followed her back into the room where Harry looked up at me and walked over. I could tell Liam had said something to him. "sorry Audri..I'm here if you need me you know, I'm not trying to make life difficult for you" he told me as Zoey frowned at us but ran over to Caroline instead of asking questions.     "right let's get going..this house is driving me crazy" Liam announced standing up and walking towards the door.   "SHOPPING" Louis and Caroline screamed running after him. He turned around and stopped them.  "now kids behave! If you don't we aren't going anywhere!" he told them winking at me as Louis and Caroline whined. We all laughed.   A minute later everyone had their coats and shoes on as Niall took Caroline's hand as the rest left the house. We head screaming fans and paps shouting questions and I groaned taking hold of Carolines other hand.    "this is the one part I didn't miss that much" I mumbled as Niall smiled at me and then bent down to Caroline. "princess, don't let go of mine or mummy's hand okay, and just smile, if you get scared we will rush you to that car but there's nothing to be scared of" he told her as she nodded and giggled. My grip righted in her hand and I nodded at Niall as we stepped out of the house.   As soon as we stepped out flashes went of everywhere. Louis stood at the car ready to get Caroline in and out of the paps view. Caroline smiled sweetly at them. One pap called us over and Niall picked Caroline up and pulled me over to them. Paps took pictures of Niall and Caroline together and cooed over how cute she was.   "is she yours?" the interviewer near asked as Niall looked at her and laughed. He looked at Caroline and then back at me. "we should go" I told them "sorry" I mumbled to her as I pulled them away and Niall gave her to Louis who put her in the car.   Niall kept looking at me but didn't say anything I got in the car and he followed. "is she?" he whispered as I ignored him and pointed to something out the window. The rest of the ride was quiet.   I mean why now? Why had he only thought she could be now? Why ask now? I wasn't ready to tell him i didn't know myself. What am I going to do? He is bound to ask again.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Authors note; Sorry this was just a small filler chapter, I hope your all liking the story so far, please leave feedback and like and fav the story. Thank you all for the support on this story and Chase Me. We love you all! x ~Kat x
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