Love Me Still?

Audri Monroe has been through alot. She has broken a heart or two, lost her mom even her best friend.Even gotten pregnant! So she leaves only keeping in contact with Liam. What happens when she returns years later? Will Niall still love her? Will it be the happy reunion she hoped for?

( just a little note to say, Sorry this was abandoned for a while, but im back and Im now doing this alone because Brianna deleted her account so please be patient with me)


7. shopping and the Zoo


Nialls pov;

The question flashed in my mind, "Is she yours?". I took a few breathes, Aurdi didn't answer my question she changed the subject, does that mean she is?. Could I really be a father?. No she said she was Fins. I have to get all this out of my mind. "we're here" Louis chirped as everyone bundled out of the car, I leaned over as Audri did to help Caroline out. I went to undo her seat belt and my hand touched Audris, she pulled back fast and Caroline giggled. "Sorry" I mumbled helping Caroline out of the car. "I dont want to walk" She whined. "Okay come here munchkin" Louis called running over to her and picking her up in his arms. She hugged him tightly and I smiled watching my best mate with her. Mine and Louis friendship grew back to normal once Audri left, It was hard thought but we managed. I turned around to Audri and see Zoey and Harry walking over to us. 

"We better follow them, I don't want Louis buying her something outrageous" Audri told me laughing awkwardly and following after them. We followed quickly after as paps started to turn up outside the shops.

Zoey ran of leaving Harry and me walking behind them all. "I heard what the interviewer asked" Harry told me frowning and looking around. "yeah..thats cool" i mumbled to him as he gave a chuckle. "Any thoughts on it?" He asked. I stopped walking and looked at him. "She can't be" I told him failing to make myself believe that. He shook his head and raised his eyebrows. "I don't think you really believe that mate, anyway you have the private investigator...if i was you id find out a little more about this Fin guy..something doesn't match up" He told me patting me on the shoulder and running of slinging his arm over Zoey's shoulder.

I followed them all into a shop and sat down as Audri and Zoey took Caroline into the changing rooms and the rest of the boys where handing them clothes for her to try on.

I scrolled through my phone finding the number I needed.

J; Hello this is Jack Hillson, private investigator how can I help you?

N; Jack its Niall Horan, I need you to do me a favor please, as I helped you get many stories anyway.

J; Niall..okay what can I do for you?

N; The guy Audri was always with..Fin something, I need you to find out more about him and let me know everything you find out.

J; Okay. I know who your own about, I'll get on it right away, I will have the information for you as soon as possible bye.

N; Bye

I hung up and they girls came out of the changing room with Caroline running straight to me.


Audri's pov;

Me and Zoey laughed after handing Louis a pile of clothes Caroline liked and looked cute in, "be back in a minute" He chirped leaving us as Caroline ran over to Niall who was putting his phone away. She jumped on his lap and she told him about one of the tops she is getting.

"Are you ready for your next treat?" He asked her as she got of his lap and jumped up and down. He laughed taking hold of her to keep her still. He looked into her eyes and moved the hair from her eyes and then looked up at me. "You really look your mummy" He whispered kissing her on the cheek. 

Louis returned with shopping bags and I frowned at him. "Louis! I said you guys weren't to buy them all" I shouted as he smirked at me and then stuck his tongue out and made Caroline laugh. "What am i going to do with you, your more of a child than Caroline" I told him as he put his arm around me. I watched as Niall smiled but looked away and closed his eyes. I felt my stomach go funny and I moved away from Louis and went to sit next to Niall. "Can we talk later" I asked as he smiled and nodded.

"Where are we going next?" Caroline almost screamed impatiently. "WE'RE GOING TO THE ZOO" Harry shouted scooping her up in his arms. "and we're going to leave you in the monkey enclosure because that's your home now my little monkey" He told her starting to tickle her. We all piled out of the shops and back into the car. "Harry..are you my uncle like Liam is" She asked as he pulled a cute face and pulled her back into a hug. "yes I am. I am your uncle that is always going to protect you, Im the cool uncle that will buy you anything you want though" He told her whispering the last part as I sat shaking my head. 

"Harry.." I warned as they laughed and he whispered in her ear. "I'll buy you the stuff you want as long as you don't tell mummy". She nodded in agreement and I sat back watching them all. They all were having a laugh, and I relised how much I had missed being with them, no matter what these guys will  never stop being my family.


Sorry It's just a small chapter, I just wanted to give you something because there hasn't been an update on here for a while. Sorry updates are being slow we both have been really busy at the moment with school and College. Hope you all like please leave feedback, like and fav the story! Love you all <3 
~Kat x 


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