Love Me Still?

Audri Monroe has been through alot. She has broken a heart or two, lost her mom even her best friend.Even gotten pregnant! So she leaves only keeping in contact with Liam. What happens when she returns years later? Will Niall still love her? Will it be the happy reunion she hoped for?

( just a little note to say, Sorry this was abandoned for a while, but im back and Im now doing this alone because Brianna deleted her account so please be patient with me)


4. Maybe we should go.

Niall's pov;

"Fin's" Audri told us as we all circled round Caroline and started to fuss over her. I bent down beside her and looked into her eyes, I couldn't beleive how much she looked like Audri. I thought back to the pictures of Audri in the car and the man. He must be Fin. Why was she back then? Why was Fin not with her? I couldn't help but feel so confused, I needed answers to so many questions. I was scared though that If i talked to her, then I would automatically forgive her and evrything will go wrong again. I loved her still but It's obvious that she don't feel the same..she's with Fin right?


Audri's pov;

I stood looking at Niall with Caroline, they got on so well she gave him another hug and everyone went to sit in the front room. Caroline went running and jumped on Louis lap. "Hello munchkin" He mumbled grinning at her, she laughed and flicked her hair leaning back on Louis as he put his arm round her and hugged her. Liam looked my way and bit his lip, I looked at him and shook my head. She couldn't be Louis's..could she?.  "So where are you staying while your here?" Harry asked staring straight at me. I went and sat down next to Liam and looked to Zoey. "I..well there's a hotel down the road..Im going to book a few nights in there for now" I told them. "Don't be silly" Zoey snapped as the boys all looked at her and she stood up. "Zoey" Harry hissed. "Its fine Zoey" I tell her standing up to. Caroline sits up and looks around I see some tears in her eyes. "Its fine sweetie" I told her to comfort her. She nods and looks to Zoey. Zoey smils at her and takes my hand pulling me into a hug. "Audri your my best friend and you used to live here, you can stay here however long you like" She whispered loud enough for everyone to hear.

"thank you..but if everyone's not comfortable with it, then I wont stay" I tell her pulling away and looking round the room. I looked to Harry first, he looked away and then down at the floor biting the inside of his cheeks. "Harry please" Zoey whispered sitting back down beside him. I saw him look over to Caroline and then back up to me. "fine..for Caroline..not for you" He told me. I looked back over at my daughter and she came running over to me. "Im hungry" she moaned wrapping her arms round me. Niall stood up and walked over scooping her up in his arms. " Im hungry to" He told her and then looked to me. "Why don't we go get some food?" He asked staring at me and not looking at anyone else. My head felt like it was heart fluttered. He wanted to take me and Caroline to go get dinner for everyone..why?

"Uhm..sure" I said shrugging. "Is that a good idea?" Harry asked, I saw Zoey nudge him and he sighed and pulled out his phone. I followed behind Niall, walking to the door and then to his car. Immediatly camera's started to flash in our faces. 

"Whats going on?" "Audri how long are you back for?" "Are you two back together" "Is Niall the dad?" I felt a bit shaky at the amount of people swarming around us and just wanted to close my eyes and let the ground swallow me up. I felt Niall's arm round my shoulder. "come on were nearly at the car" He whispered walking me round to the passenger seat and putting Caroline in the back. He then ran round and jumped in the drivers seat. "Nando's okay?" He asked, I nodded and Caroline squelled in the background. Niall started the car and started to drive of.

"So why didn't Fin come with you?" He asked straight away turning the music down. I groaned and looked straight ahead. "He..has work" I told him seeing as it was the first thing I could think of. "w...why did you come back..why now?" I looked at him, seeing his eyes looking watery and he coughed a little. "It's Caroline's birthday...its her treat to meet you all". He began to smile and turned round a little. "Why didn't you say..were going to have to have a little birthday party tonight then, and do something special for her tomorrow" He said happily pulling up to Nando's and leaving us in the car. He ran in and ordered and within a few minutes came back out and jumped in the car.

" starving" Caroline mumbled in the back yawning. Me and Niall looked at each other finding ourselves laughing at her. His eyes caught mine and I could see the same spark and glint in his eyes. Could he feel what I feel?. He stopped laughing and shook his head looking back to the front and starting the car again.

The car ride home was quiet and when we pulled up outside Caroline jumped out the car before us running to the front door and knocking loudly. "Whats all the noise about munchkin?" Louis asked opening the door. She started jumping up and down. "food, food, food" She kept repeating pushing past Louis and running straight to Harry. Harry laughed at her and picked her up. "are you hungry then..we never could have guessed" He told her as me and Niall entered the house. I watched her in Harry's arms. Maybe it wasnt just me that she could make happy, something about her just makes everyone's lives enjoyable. 

I sat down and Harry put her down leaving her to come running over and sit beside me cuddling into me. About 5 minutes later we had all sat down with drinks and food. "So how is Hawaii?" Niall asked closing his eyes after and then smiling at me and Caroline. "I like it better here" Caroline told him looking up at Liam who sat beside her, he winked and patted her head as she smiled up at him. I laughed and put my plate on the table. "yeah..its good, still exactly the same" I told him 

"you haven't missed much here, its been quiet and just work really" Harry informed me sitting back and putting his plate down. I nodded and Caroline looked at my plate. "Can i have the rest?" She asked as i gave her my plate and she finished eating the rest of my food. Niall started to laugh and Liam looked at Niall and then at Caroline a few times. Harry frowned at me.

"how old did you say Caroline was?" He asked me. "4" Caroline beamed happily before I got the chance to say anything. He smirked and then looked at Niall and Louis. I began to feel awkward..I could tell he was working it out.

"Maybe we better go" I announced to everyone standing up and Caroline standing up beside me. "why?" Niall and Louis both said at the same time staring at me and Caroline. "Yeah why?" Harry asked sweetly. I stood staring around at everyone.

There eyes stayed locked on mine as I looked around Liam stood up beside me. "she's tired..they need sleep after their flight" He lied. I let out the breathe that I didn't reliesed i'd taken. "come on then, I'll get you both settled in your old room, your not going anwhere" Zoey told me standing up and walking over to us, taking Carolines hand and I followed picking up my suitcase and Liam grabbed Carolines.

"Thank you" I hissed as his other hand grabbed mine. "Im always going to be here for you" He whispered back. Zoey opened the door to my room and I looked around. Everything looked the same and I felt a tear slip out of my eye. Zoey pulled me into a hug. "Im so glad your back" She sobbed as we both then sat down on my bed.


Authors note;

I couldn't wait to give you another chapter. So i wrote a quick filler chapter tonight. I hope you all like it and how the sequel is going so far! :) Please leave some feedback! 

Thank you all for commenting, faving and liking the story please continue to! We love you all so much for the support!x

~Kat x

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