Love Me Still?

Audri Monroe has been through alot. She has broken a heart or two, lost her mom even her best friend.Even gotten pregnant! So she leaves only keeping in contact with Liam. What happens when she returns years later? Will Niall still love her? Will it be the happy reunion she hoped for?

( just a little note to say, Sorry this was abandoned for a while, but im back and Im now doing this alone because Brianna deleted her account so please be patient with me)


13. just let me go again

Audri's p.o.v

for some reason I just couldn't say it. The feel of the truth on my lips ready to come out didn't feel right.

"I..cant" I mumbled.

"Oh for god sake" Harry spat walking back into the room and sitting down on the stairs with my daughter in his arms. "please just tell us Audri" Niall begged.

I looked down at the floor..they wouldn't let this go, I have to tell them?

"the truth is...I don't know.." I told them feeling the tears begin to slide down my cheeks.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" Louis shouted grabbing my arm and forcing me to look at him. Niall walked over and stood next to Louis. 

"..are you saying that her dad could be either of us?" He asked shaking his head.

I sighed and yanked my arm out of Louis. "yes".

I wiped my eyes and walked over to Harry taking my daughter in my arms and walking back over to the door. I opened it and looked back Louis was staring at the floor looking shocked and Niall was still shaking his head and lent against the wall.

"where are you going?" Liam asked grabbing my hand. I gave him a small smile. 

"To a hotel..i wont leave the country for a few days, I need to book tickets".

Liam nodded and Zoey looked like she was about to cry. 

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have come back" I told them all. Louis looked up and looked angry.

"What you shouldn't have come back for me to find out I could have a child? What you shouldn't have done was let me bond with her, then tell me that and now take her away" He shouted before looking at Caroline he walked over and kissed her little head. His eyes looked sad. He turned around and walked of into the kitchen.

I looked to Niall to see how he was coping with this information but he wouldn't even look my way.

"okay..bye guys" I told them closing the door and looking at my daughter.

"Mummy..why are we leaving?" She asked frowning.

"were going on an adventure sweetie" I told her tucking her hair behind her ear and kissing her little cheek. 

I put her down and took her lets find a taxi.



Authors note;

Okay this is probably really bad because I didn't know what to do with getting them to find out, It will be more interesting in the next few chapters, I just wanted to give you all something to read because I noticed this had been started as a draft for a while, and nothing had been uploaded. Im sorry that we both have been quite busy so haven't uploaded. 

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this, and Thank you so much! For reading, simply reading this story is supporting us and we love to write this story for you, and Chase Me. I can't believe how well that story has done I checked the other day and it has like 30 something favorites and 2K reads. You guys are Awesome!! 

Thank you for reading, If you like these stories, can you go check out my new story Untamed?

~Kat x

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