Love Me Still?

Audri Monroe has been through alot. She has broken a heart or two, lost her mom even her best friend.Even gotten pregnant! So she leaves only keeping in contact with Liam. What happens when she returns years later? Will Niall still love her? Will it be the happy reunion she hoped for?

( just a little note to say, Sorry this was abandoned for a while, but im back and Im now doing this alone because Brianna deleted her account so please be patient with me)


8. Bad Surprise! :/


Fins pov;

I stepped of the plane and into the loud,busy airport. I watched as all the people rushed by. I couldn't wait to surprise Audri and Caroline. I was looking forward to meeting the boys as well, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get on with Niall and Louis..especially Louis. I got out my phone and I noticed a flash when I turned to my left I saw the man that always use to follow Audri and Caroline. I frowned as he took another picture and then vanished somewhere. I collected my bag and then walked out the airport and got into a taxi, telling them the address of my hotel I was going to stay at.


Audri's pov;

"What you doing?" I jumped as Zoey appeared at my side eating a burger. I laughed and looked back through the glass and watched the Gorilla hugging her baby. I smiled to myself and turned to her looking around for the others. "Where is my daughter? Have they kidnapped her?" I asked laughing as she offered me her burger, I took a bite and gave it back to her. "No she wanted to see the penguins so Niall took her, he wants to ask if they can feed them" She replied. "Aurdri..slight problem" Liam called running over thrusting his phone at me. I frowned and looked at the screen seeing a picture of Fin at the airport. Wait what?. Fin is here?.

"who's that?"" Zoey quizzed taking the phone of me. "uhm..Fin" I told her as she put her head to the side and smiled. "well..he is cute" She said as I took the phone from her hands. "you can stop drooling he is"  "CAROLINE'S DAD" Liam snapped before I could finish the sentence. Zoey stepped back and frowned at us. "ookayy...Im just going to leave you two..Im going to find Harry" she told us walking away. Liam looked to me annoyed. "Sorry..I forgot" I mumbled. 

"What are you going to do?..As soon as they all meet him they will know he is gay" Liam told me as I looked back to the Gorilla who was now sitting with the leader of the group.

"I will talk to Fin..get him to pretend for a while, until I know what to do or until we leave" I told him. "NO" He snapped again I turned to face him seeing he had tears in his eyes again. "What?" I asked. "you cant leave us not again Audri" He whispered. I pulled him into a hug and sighed.

what am i going to do?

"MUMMY come watch me feed the penguins" Caroline was shouting over and over again as she ran over. Niall running behind her he stopped trying to catch his breathe. I laughed and slung my arm round his shoulder. "you alright there...think you need to exercise more" I joked. He smirked at me and stood up.

"Come on then Caroline I'll race you back to the penguins" He told her as she jumped up and down and then sprinted of again. I laughed as he started to run but ran back and grabbed my hand. "come on mummy your not getting away with have to come to" He laughed between breathes as his grip tightened on my hand and he pulled me so I had to run along with them.

When we finally got their Caroline was leaning against the window waiting smiling happily at us. Niall let go of my hand and walked off to find the man that feeds them. "Mummy" Caroline whispered as I bent down and she lent into me and whispered. "I think he loves you" she whispered and giggled. I looked at my little girl and smiled at how sweet she was. "Who Niall?" I asked and she nodded happily. "I want you two to be together, I love Niall, I want him to be my daddy" She said noticing Niall come back with the man that had a bucket of fish. I wiped a tear from my eye and looked at Niall who smiled at me. 

Could I do this anymore? Would it just be easier if I told him?

I got out my phone;

To FIn;

OMG I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE HERE! ..we need to talk before you meet everyone. Promise you will not see them till you see me! x

I put my phone away as Caroline took my hand and pulled me over to the entrance of the enclosure.

I watched as the man gave her a fish and she threw it to the penguin that was standing close to her. Niall came up behind me and put his head on my shoulder. I jumped but then laughed. "here you go your turn" He told me putting a little fish in my hands. "Nooo..i'm fine thanks" I told him looking over to the window seeing the others watching I waved to Harry and Zoey. "are you scared?" Niall whispered turning me round to him. I nodded a little and tried to give him the fish back. He shook his head and turned me back around. His arm went over mine and his hand round my waist. He made me walk closer to the penguins and moved me hand down closer to the penguin. "Niall" I whispered as he chuckled a little, "Its okay..I wont let anything happen to you" He whispered back his breathe hot on my neck. I gasped a little as this little penguin waddled over and took the fish from my hands. Niall pulled my hand back slightly and took it in his. "wow" was all I managed to say.

I looked at Caroline still feeding them and then noticed Niall was staring at me. I looked to him and he smiled sweetly and I got flashbacks of what we use to be. Was my daughter right? Did Niall still love me?


Sorry its just another small chapter, not much is happening at the moment but will everything stay perfect for long? I mean will they find out Fin is not the dad? Keep reading to find out another chapter should be up as soon as possible. Have a good weekend!

~Kat x

(if your on a computer, I've put in a picture of the Gorilla and her baby for you)




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