The Meet

This story is about a girl called Hannah who meets One direction !After she meets them werid thing start happing!Will all these werid things scare hannah away or will romance blossem?


1. Tickets!!

Today was my first birthday without my parnets who died one year ago. I only have one friend whos name is Carlos. I woke up this moring excepting that I would have no presents. Boy was I wrong , Carlos had left me a present! "What how did that get there" I said  to myself looking around "Oh well I"ll open it anyway. It said it was from Carlos "I told him not to get me anything" I opened it anyway. OMG! ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!! After my freck attack I called Carlos "OMG! YOUR THE BESTEST FRIEND EVEERRR!!!!"" I said screaming into the phone "Wow! my ears are bleeding now! wow" Carlos responed with a laugh "Oh yeah one question how did you get in my house??" I asked "Its because imma Ninja...nahhh my mom has a key" We both laughed . After our convertion I te breckfast and got ready for a not so fabulos day! When I went outside a one direction tour bus came by! "OMG!" It stopped at my house! "Hay are you hannah??" They all asked "yeah?" I responed "Carlos told us to find your house so we could tell you that we were picking you up before the consert" Niall said to me "oh okay" I said trying to keep my cool. After the tour bus left I scremed till I fainted! When I woke up Carlos was by my side "Are you ok?" He asked consired "yeah just to excited!" I sid will hugging him to death "cant..breath..." I let go and we both laughed! Im so glad I have a friend like Carlos!!

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