The Meet

This story is about a girl called Hannah who meets One direction !After she meets them werid thing start happing!Will all these werid things scare hannah away or will romance blossem?


3. The plot

Meanwhile on the tour-bus Niall was talking to the boys. "Guys we have got to ruin her!" Niall said evily "Come on Nialler,her parnets all ready died I think her life has damged her enough!" Louis said "DONT CALL ME NIALLER!" Niall yelled. The only thing that no-one knew expect the boys about Niall is that he was a vampire. His powers where pain and seild (werid compation right?). He could make your life a living nightmare but first he had to get on your good side. " You are not going change this girl Niall it would be wrong after everything shes been through...." Zayn said with a smirk on his face. "Actally I was planning on getting her to trust me then change her and send her off. That will make her life completly miserable! Just like mine was." (flashback) "Niall Honey I love you but, I have to send you off!" Nialls girlfriend Jamie said "What? Send me off! As in you'll never see me agian! So you change me then send me off?!?" Niall responed with a sad look on his face. (End of flashback) "The Last words she ever said to me was 'I.... Never...Loved...You' " Niall ended "So you wanna do the same thing to Hannah! You wanna make her feel what you felt! Im sorry Niall but I cant let you do that!!" Harry said "Oh yeah and how are you gonna stop me!" Niall said while staring Harry down. Harry decied that the rest of the boys will live across from Harry and not tell Niall that they where there. "You'll see" Harry said while smiling at all the other boys they smiled back getting the idea.After Niall left Harry told the boys there plan. "So were just going move across from her?"Louis asked "Yes, without Niall knowing though" Harry responed. 'This is going be hard I mean Niall knows everything but hopefully it works"Liam thought to himself.

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