The Meet

This story is about a girl called Hannah who meets One direction !After she meets them werid thing start happing!Will all these werid things scare hannah away or will romance blossem?


2. Concert day

Today was the day of the One Direction concert! I was so exicited!! I woke up this moring got a shower, curlyed my hair, put makeup on, and found this cute blue dress that comes down to my knees. When  I was ready the One Direction tour bus was there. On my way out the door I tripped and fell 'crap im bleeding' I thought to myself. When I got on the tour bus Niall was starring at my knee "ummm... your bleeding" He said while licking his lips "Yeah I feel on my way out here" I responed. There was like Ten minites of awkward silence then Harry broke it by saying "Dang girl, you look hot!". We all laughed and I responed with a "why thank you". Niall was kindof freacking me out because he just keep stareing at my bleeding knee. Niall's first thing he said to me was " So who's your faviortie guy??" He asked still starring at my leg. At first I was kindof scared to answer the question but then I worked up the nerve to say " Niall" I said with a smile. He looked kindof flattered. When we finally reached the concert location I went to my front row seats. The concert started an hour later. they sang "Live While Were Young", "Little Things", "Best Song Ever", "One Thing"..... and last but not least "What Makes You Beautiful". During the last song Niall winked at me. On the ride home there was just awkward silence and when I got home Niall said "I'll see you agian beautiful im moving here next to you" He said. When I got to my room I was so happy. This was the best day ever!

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