her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


25. What?

Harry's POV-

Rachel we should sit down and talk Oh okay whats wrong she asked she looked worried. We sat down and i told her the news ... I'm Going on tour in a few weeks her smile faded W-what she asked. Before she could say anything else i cut her off i want you and Darcy and Are new little friend to come with. "Harry i don't know nobody knows about me being Pregnant again they would be mad and over the Months my stomach  will grow and it will be weird she stated i looked at her and said Please she sighed and said Fine... I smiled and Kissed her lips thanks babe i said smiling at her Anything for my Prince she said kissing my cheek she then went and sat by Darcy i walked over and sat by them.

Rachel's POV-

I went over and sat by Darcy what are you doing  Sweetie i asked her she looked at me and said i'm Coloring and watching music videos you want to do that too ? Sure i said smiling i grabbed a piece of paper and asked Darcy what she Wanted me to Draw she must Have seen Harry because she pointed at something and said Daddy!!! I giggled and said okay i got my phone and pulled up a pic of Harry and started drawling Darcy watching my every move. *** 7 MINUTES LATER ***

I blew the dust and other stuff off of it and handed it to Darcy she looked at it and her eyes grew wide and a smile appeared on her face Harry came over and looked on it and the same thing happened with Him as with Darcy i then looked at it one more time and it was pretty good i guess:

How did you learn how to do that mommy ? Darcy asked Yeah how did you Mommy Harry repeated after her When i was little i took art classes i said smiling at them But i thought you did dance and ballet Harry said looking confused yeah i did but when i had spare time my one friend gave me art lessons and i have done it for a while now remember Darcy Aiden He came over one day and we all colored together? I said looking at her Oh yeah i remember now he was nice she said before we could say anything What makes you Beautiful came on the t.v it was there first ever music video Darcy got up and danced to it she also singed along with it she was an amazing singer for 6 years old Me and Harry were laughing and Harry started singing to me i just smiled and When it was over me and Harry clapped for darcy and she bowed i smiled at her and she came and sat by me We should all do something together Harry said me and darcy both nodded okay like what ? WE COULD GET SOME ICE CREAM !!! Darcy nearly shouted i looked at harry and we laughed Okay ice it is then Harry said getting up  got up to and Darcy jumped up we all got ready and went to the car I got darcy settled and then i got in Harry hoped in the drivers seat and drove off to the ice cream place *** AT THE ICE CREAM SHOP *** We walked in and Darcy ran to the counters Harry looked over at me Hey she's You Kid you i said giggling we walked up to the counter and order when we got them we sat at a table and while we were Darcy looked at me and asked me a question. Mommy am i going to have a brother or sister ? I don't know yet sweetie which one would you like i said i saw out of the corner of my eye Harry he was looking at Darcy waiting for an answer I want a Both !!! My eyes grew wide umm lets hop its not two i said smiling and nervously laughing Harry was Froze for a minute i turned to him What do you want ?  He thought for a minute I would like another girl but if we have a boy i wouldn't really mind what do you want he asked i thought for a moment too i would like a boy i said he nodded his head when we were done we went to the mall and then we headed home I got a shower and When i was done i gave darcy a bath and then Harry got a shower and i laid in bed almost asleep when i felt a pair of arms rap around me. It was harry he nuzzled his head into my neck and we fell asleep like that...


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