her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


21. stronger


Harry's POV-

Me and Rachel are now stronger than ever !! The boys have got girl friends now we haven't met them yet but we will at the wedding ... I can't wait to see my beautiful bride to be walk down that isle! And i can't wait to call her mine Darcy is very excited to be the flower girl Rachel and her friends took her out to look at dresses for Her and it is so cute! Rachel won't even let me near the wedding dress every time i try too look at it she's there i wonder how she knows and gets there so fast any how the wedding is in 2 days and Yeah everyone is nervous tomorrow Me and the guys are going out and Rachel and her friends are going out and Darcy since she is way too young is going to our neighbors house and play over there. All the boys are excited for me they keep talking about what they are going to do and stuff like that and i am just here day dreaming about the wonderful day Rachel gets to become a STYLES !!! 


Rachel's POV-

i keep trying on my dress and twirling around in it like an idiot and all the girls do is laugh and tell me how beautiful i look. I am going to go visit my mom today it is her birthday so i am going to go spend the whole day with her and then later on Harry is going to bring Darcy and we  all are going out to dinner ! My mom calls me sometimes and just goes on about how much she misses me and stuff she is VERY over protective... But anyways i say bye to harry and darcy before i leave and i get in the car and buckel up then drive on to my moms house ...


i get to my moms house and i get out and lock the door i then knock on the door and wait for an answer after like 1 minute i hear a

Come in. 

So i open the door and come in i see my mom cooking homemade french fries... Yum i see peeking behind her All she did was giggle 

You and your love for food 

i rolled my eyes and asked my mom where she wanted to go today?

i don't care you decide 

i thought for a minute how about ..We go to THE ZOO !!! I said giggling when i was little my mom and dad (or sometimes my moms boyfriend ) would take me to the zoo and we would have a BLAST !! 

Okay i'm up for that 

she said now standing up okay lets go i said dragging her arm out the door she just kept laughing 

hold on let me get my purse and stuff okay ?!?

fine .... i said a bit too sad what can i say i love animals !!! she was ready and so was i so we hopped i the car and drove off i said excitedly 

Okay let's go then 

my mom was the best when we got in we saw lots of  animals and of course i was acting like a child saying  i want this or i want that it was so funny when we got home Harry called me. 

Hay Har-Bear i said 

Hay R i am on my way to your moms house are you guys there ??? 

Yeah we just pulled in we will be here i said 

Okay bye see you there love you ..

Love you to bye i said i then hung up and waited for Harry to show up 


Were here Harry said walking in the kitchen where me and my mom were he was holding Darcy in one hand and on his phone in the other he looked stressed..Whats the matter harry i said 

Ohh nothing it's the guys he said putting his phone is his pocket and smiling 

oh okay then i said

Are you guys ready to go eat ?? 

we all nodded and then we all got in one car and drove of to the dinner place ...when we got there we order had a good old time then we went home and i gave mom her present she loved it it was a old picture of us together we i first had darcy ..best day of my life besides the day i met harry it seems so long ago... Hmm but anyways we said bye and drove home. I got a quick shower and went in a deep sleep right beside the love of my life.


Sorry for such the short chapter school has been keeping me and stuff like that so i haven't been able to be updating my story's so often :( and yeah im sorry i know it sucks please check out my other storys and like and favor them and this you would mean the WORLD to me !!! Thanks peace out ~jojo <3 


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