her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


10. meeting the band


Rachel's POV-

So Darcy is turning 3 soon ! Me and Harry are still together Darcy just loves him but anyways Harry wanted me too meet up with him and talk about something.I wonder what it is hopefully he' s not breaking up with me i doubt that though.We were on our way to Harry's house me and Darcy when we got there i knocked on the door . He opened it and said hi come on in so me and Darcy came in Darcy went to go play with Kelly i said hi too Kat she was about to go to the mall with her friends 

hi Rachel 

she replied back.

I am going to the mall bye guys 

bye we all said. I looked at Harry when she walked out the door so what did you need to talk about today? 

Well um ....I want you to meet the rest of the band 

i then looked at him umm okay that should be fun i replied 

okay great wait does Darcy have a baby sitter? 

yeah Justice do you want her to watch Darcy tonight?

yeah if she can and wants too 

okay i will call her when we get back home 


after that it was quite. Until Darcy came an aid she wanted to go home i looked at the clock it was 3 okay it's nappy time anyway i said picking her up. I turned to harry and i said what time? he said 6 i aid okay then said bye giving harry a peck on the lips i said by to Kelly so did Darcy 

Bye Daddy 

Darcy i smiled and then walked out of the door to go home.Finally we got home and i called Justice she said she would come over at 5.***SKIPS TO 5*** 

*ding dong * 

Justice come on in thanks for baby sitting tonight 

no problem you know i love children 

yep i ordered pizza for dinner so if you want some it's on the table 

ok thanks 

no problem i still have 30 minutes till Harry picks me up to meet the guys so i have to wait...


Harry's POV-

so i am on my way to pick up Rachel she's meeting the guys.They kept bugging me to meet her so thats why i asked her and to my surprise she said yes. I was at the front of her house i went and knocked on the door and some girl who looked about  15 she had had brown hair and green eyes like me and she looked like she was a tomboy.Hi i said 


she said with her mouth open 

your HARRY STYLES !!!!!

yes i am and you are Justice right i said showing off my dimples 

yes i am are you here for Rachel 

yep is she here 

yes i will get her for you 

okay thanks love i said waiting  i then heard her scream RACHEL YOUR SMOKING HOT BOYFRIEND IS HERE  i started giggling i then heard Rachel's voice she said shh he can hear you. I then started giggling again till she open the door.You reading love i asked 


okay then lets go 

okay bye guys Darcy behave 

yes mommy bye 

i giggled a little then i open the car door for Rachel 

thank you she said buckling up 

no problem i said doing the same you ready i asked 

yes i can't wait to see the guys!!

haha well then lets go i said driving off.Finally i got there and open the  car door for Rachel 

you know you don't do that 

i know but i like to do it i said 

well then thanks 

we then walked in to see Niall eating (like always ) and Louis ,Liam and Zayn playing Wii. Hey guys i said walking in they all turned around and Looked at Rachel Hi she said Hi they all said.

Do you want to play Wii Rachel ?

I looked at Louis and gave him a death glare he just smiled Rachel then look at me and i shrug my shoulders 

 Sure i'll play a game or two 


i then sighed and watched them after like 2 rounds they were done and everyone wanted to play 20 questions so we played that for a while i then looked at the time it was 10 i then looked back at the others they all were looking at Rachel the way i do i then got mad i swear if they touch her i i will...*sigh * Hey Rachel it's 10 we should get going 

Yeah i need to make sure Darcy is all good in bed and stuff 

i then nodded and told the guys we had to go they all said aww and stuff Rachel and i told them bye then i dropped Rachel at her house she gave me a passionate kiss and then said thanks i had fun no problem babe i said before driving off. 


Hey guys long one hope you liked it and congrats to Talia is in our Hears/Justice hope you liked it and if you commented don't worry you will be in soon i promise!!!remember to like and favor you would mean the WHOLE WORLD to me !!!! Thanks peace out ~Jojo <3

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