her name is Darcy...she's your daughter ** COMPLETED **

It all started with I love you then this ...i was pregnant with Harry Styles' baby ! When i told him he got mad and left i wasn't surprised i mean we were 16 he wasn't ready for a child heck neither was i .Harry ended up wining the Xfactor and he joined a famous boy band now he had no time for a child so now i had to keep her a secret...


27. Hello L.A. !

Rachel's POV-

Hello L.A. i said walking off the plane Every one looked at me like i was crazy i just laughed My stomach was killing me i was thinking it was a part of the pregnancy but anyways ... We got in the car that was waiting for us I sat next to Perrie , Eleanor and  danielle and Harry was playing Patty cake with Darcy with the other boys were trying to listen to what me and the girls were saying And a little while later all i heard was screaming I knew we were at the hotel we all got out and these people got our things and took them to our rooms we each got different rooms. When we got to our room i jumped on the bed And Darcy did the same to the other one She then started jumping on the bed Darcy stop sit down i said She stopped and sat down Harry looked at me You feeling any better? No i feel horrible i said Looking at him well it just must be the baby oh and we are all going to go out to dinner Zayn said him and perrie want to tell the fantastic new- All of a sudden We heard crying and A door slam I opened the door to see what was going on It was Zayn He was Running downstairs I decided to follow him He went to the Lobby and he was on the couch on his phone I went and sat by him what happened upstairs i asked ? Well you probably already heard about it Perrie was pregnant and She loss the baby i was so excited i thought we were going to be one big happy family like you and Harry he said looking at me. I looked at him Zayn don't worry you guys aren't even married yet why rush things like with Darcy i was only 16 i had to grow up Pretty Fast i said looking at. he nodded his head but You turned out as happy as can be i want be like that he said I looked at him Zayn one day you will have kids with Perrie and be married to her I patted his Back come back up when your ready i said walking away Hey R i looked behind me Yeah  Thanks he said Anytime i went upstairs and Walked into Perrie and Zayn's Room She was there crying Perrie sweetheart i said I sat beside her Perrie it's alright he just was mad i said hugging her I know that Rachel and i'm the reason he's Mad she said No no thats not why he's Mad Perrie He just wanted to hadve a family and spend time with the girl he truly loves and do you know who that girl is? She looked at me and smile That girl is me isn't it she said I nodded and smiled Perrie you are a wonderful person He would never be mad at you i said She smiled at me Thanks Rachel your a great friend When we were hugging the door opened Perrie can i talk to you Zayn said I smiled at him and left the room. I headed upstairs to my room When I got there i saw Harry and Darcy cuddling it was so cute i took a picture of them and tweeted it. 2 minutes later Niall Comments on it and saws aw i'll be over Next thing you know theres a knock on the door I answered it and i saw Niall standing there aw he said when he saw Harry and Darcy He Jumped on the bed with them Waking them up I'M HUNGRY HARRY!!! he shouted Darcy laughed and said Uncle Niall You funny !! Aw thanks Sweetie Pie ..Pie Harry ...Rachel ...I'm Hungry we laughed go talk to zayn about that then We said He then went running out the door to zayns room Zayn then came upstairs and asked who told niall to go bug him about dinner We all lifted our hands And then Niall came ZAYN I'M HUNGRY FEED ME FOOD NOW !!!  Zayn Shook his head Niall go to your room and order room service Right now it's Only 3:45 pm ! We will go out at 6:00 Pm aright  Fine But the bill is gonna be high said Walking out Where is Louis ,Liam ,El and Dani i asked Their all sleeping they were tired he said yeah i think i'm going to go to bed to i said hopping in a bed Okay they said leaving i fell asleep and had this weird dream ...

I was at the park with Harry and Darcy we were playing with her me and Harry holding hands having a great time Me and Harry so in love and Darcy so happy being with the both of use All of a sudden i was in a different place i heard Darcy and Harrys voice shouting my name RACHEL ...MOMMY NO !!! RACHEL STOP MOMMY !!!! I was trying to figure out where i was and then i saw a guy coming he looked like mason I was scared and the last word he said was YOUR MINE NOW...I woke up with my breath Hevy and i was soaked in Sweat Harry was looked at me worried umm bad dream i said He nodded oh okay yeah just just a bad dream... 


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